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Small Group Communication

This is because no man can survive successfully in an environment alone. There shall inevitably be more individuals around him from the same species for him to live in a manner conforming to the definition of a social group, if not a society. Here the concept of mutual; regards, norms and values if very important. Relations, where may be defined as a rather subjective or relative term with reference to human understand, but it shall have to given some limits when we are discussing social structure. Relations can be very simply taken as appreciating and realizing the social norms in their very basic context. These relations, in even more simpler terms can possibly be linked to common sense. But then again, this shall vary greatly from culture to culture, and within that, from community to community. "One important task we face in attempting to understand the persons around us, is that of determining their present moods, group communication and feelings" (Barn et al, 1980).
No matter how close people are, or how much they are in the same band width of thought processes, the ultimate recipe for rationalizing a social situation can never be the same; even for the same person. ...
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It is imperative to understand the true essence of group communication. Where the individual is concerned, group communication marks the most integral feature of intrinsic development of characteristic features of personality. However, when we talk in the social terms, this concept in turn gets extrapolated upon the rest of the population around the individual; therefore, certain dynamics of group communication are worth considering in order to understand the role of man a s a social animal…
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