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Domestic surveillance or spying on Americans by government - Essay Example

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Author : rhiannonwiegand
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Question 1 Domestic surveillance has been conducted by the US government under the NSA, one of the departments of defense, on its citizens. The public realized this was happening after information leaked to public by one of the former intelligence agents Edward Snowden…

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Domestic surveillance or spying on Americans by government

Rule (1) points out that surveillances conducted by the government and private firms is for their own benefit because they use the information to interact with the persons. The government wants to get information like family information, the level of wealth, their locations or residences and their political system. With all this information at hand, the government’s work would be easy. For example the government would know where to get taxes, they laws which can support the population and what the government can expect from the population. Additionally, information obtained from the records of persons going for medical checkups or patients going for treatment would be important in the future and will be easily accessed. This was according to the Bush Administration that pushed for centralization and the creation of a single system where information and records of patients would be stored and easily obtained anywhere at any time. The government would want to provide security hence protecting them from criminals, traffic offences committed by reckless drivers and it would want to know the number of illegal immigrants in the country (Rule 41). John Yoo argued that the amendment in the constitution regarding privacy should not be followed by the intelligence and the military when dealing with cases of surveillance. ...
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