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Should homosexuals be able to marry

On the other hand, same sex marriages are opposed by religious and moral groups who consider it to be unnatural. It is also argued that it is not a normal way of leading life and they present that same sex marriages should not be permitted. Should Homosexuals Be Able to Marry With the broadening of the human mind and the understanding of relationships, the road to new controversies has emerged and there are many matters which have become subjects of hot debates. The human behavior has changed and every human being has acquired knowledge regarding the fact that they have the right to choose and opt for what they want. Homosexual relationships provide with a very good example of controversy that has been emerging since the last quarter of the twentieth century. It is not that gays did not exist before this period but a true fact is that every human being has come to analyze and understand their importance in this world and it is a belief that a person has a right to choose for his life. Fight against woman’s suppression and racism was followed by the homosexuals who also needed proper identification and the opportunity to live their lives the way they want to. On one side the gays demand the provision of rights for them to marry and live normal lives on the basis of the fact that every human being has a right to choose their way of living. ...
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SHOULD HOMOSEXUALS BE ABLE TO MARRY Author Institute Abstract Homosexuality has been subjected to many debates and it is seen from different perspectives. The number of same sex couples has greatly increased in the last four decades. A subject that is now considered is that whether the same sex couples should be allowed to get married or not…
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