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Undocumented nurse medical errors Name University Submitted to Dr. Deb Bennett-Woods in partial fulfillment of HCE 430 – Health Care Ethics Regis University February 4, 2012 Case Presentation It was my first day at my first job. My nurse trainer was evidently flustered with her numerous tasks in the hospital.


I returned to the nursing station, where she documented the medication. After opening the patient’s chart, she was distressed to find out that she gave the wrong medicine. She checked the patient’s chart for allergies and was comforted that the latter had no allergies with the incorrect medication. However, the patient complained of dizziness and nausea later on, and the nurse did not provide the pain meds as scheduled. The patient also showed signs of discomfort for several hours. The nurse closely watched the patient all evening and up to the next shift, since she volunteered to cover it because a nurse called in sick. The next evening, this same patient was assigned to me. I checked his chart and was surprised that the medication error was not documented, and that the normal dose of pain medication was documented. During my dinner break, the patient had difficulty in breathing and went into arrest. The patient died and autopsy showed that he died from an embolus to the lung. This was a probable unavoidable complication of the injuries. But since the patient experienced pain the evening before, his family members believed that the nursing staff neglected to observe him for complications. They said that they consider suing the facility and I know that I will be named in the suit. ...
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