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Explain the four fundamental forces of the universe - Research Paper Example

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Explain the four fundamental forces of the universe

The basic force that makes up our Universe is the force of gravity, which has the widest reach, yet it is the weakest of all four in its actual magnitude. It was the first force to be discovered, but it is the least understood of all. Gravity in its nature is purely attractive, it travels through even a void of empty space to bring and create attraction between the two masses bringing them towards each other. This is the force that keeps the planets including Earth orbiting around the Sun, as well as the Moon that orbits around the Earth. The force carrying particle responsible for gravity is known as gravitation.
The theory of general relativity defines gravitation as being the curve of space-time engulfing an object that has mass. This curvature then makes a situation in which the path with least energy is in direction of the other object with mass. From normal person’s perspective it may seem unlikely that gravity is defined as being a weak force as it can operate across great distances. This however holds true as on the subatomic level the force that gravity exerts is a much weaker than electromagnetic forces (Sukys 51).
The electromagnetism is interaction between the particles carrying an electrical charge. The magnetic and electric effects like interaction of the bar magnets or repulsion of electrical charges are caused by the electromagnetic force. The charged particles that at rest have an interaction through the electrostatic forces, in motion use both the magnetic as well as electrical forces to interact.
The magnetic and electrical forces were seen to be different for quite some time; eventually in 1864 they were finally unified by work of James Maxwell in what came to be known as Maxwell’s equations. Photon is the force carrying particle responsible for transmitting the electromagnetic force. Electromagnetism was consolidated with the quantum physics ...Show more


These forces run all the motions and structure of this existing Universe. They came in action right after the Big Bang, and created atoms and all matter (Yahya 38). Out of these four forces gravity and…
Author : dratke
Explain the four fundamental forces of the universe essay example
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