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Pluto has five moons which are Charon, Hydra, Nix, Kerberos, and Styx and there are believed to be many other smaller moons some which have been discovered and others which have not yet been discovered. Charon which is the largest was also discovered first in 1978 followed by Hydra and Nix which were both discovered in 2005. The discovery of these moons suggests that the planet may be having a ring system though past studies show that no ring exists on the planet or on its periphery. It is also worth noting that these moons are unusually close to the dwarf planet than all other objects that surround it and also then it is the case in the majority of other planets which have been explored. The origin and the identity of Pluto are not very clear and there are actually many differing theories all of which try to explain these two aspects. Some of these theories suggest that the planet used to be a moon of the neighboring planet Neptune that escaped from the normal path of circulation hence resulting to a new planet. Other theories differ with this and argue that the paths of the two planets are far away from each and thus there is no possibility of the two colliding. There is a lot to be explored on Pluto and therefore the possibility of a spacecraft landing on the planet this year is expected to be of great benefit as far as studies concerning the planet are concerned. There is, therefore, need for more studies and visits to be launched in order to solve all the mysteries surrounding the planet. ...Show more


The paper "Pluto" describes planet Pluto. Is the second closest planet to the sun and it used to be referred to as the ninth planet since its discovery in 1930 up to the too late 1970s. This was after the discovery of icy objects which resembled Pluto…
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Pluto essay example
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