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Lovely Like Jerusalem by Aidan Nichols

Ultimately, the object of this inquiry is not to become mired in the text, but rather to attain a deeper and more lucent appreciation of the mind and devotion of those who first first spoke these words, and for their significance when spoken by ourselves (274).
Nichols begins his inquiry with a general outline of the various books of the Old Testament. He explains that, for Catholic readers, the canon consists of five books known as the Torah, or "The Instruction," the Nebiim, or "The Prophets," the Kethubim, or "The Writings," and a final section known as the "deuteroncanoncial writings" (13). Having previously mentioned that many readers "cannot see the woods for the trees" (9) when reading the Old Testament, Nichols attempts to begin with some perspective, and considers the overarching theme of the text. In reading the Old Testament, Nichols implores, the reader must understand that "the promises of God grow ever greater and greater" as the narrative moves forward (14). Ultimately, these promises will be fulfilled with the salvation described in the New Testament (14).
The Old Testament begins with the book of Genesis, and in both literal and narrative terms, this book serves to establish a new history (21). ...
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In his book, Lovely Like Jerusalem, Aidan Nichols attempts to outline the Old Testament, in narrative, critical, and theological terms. He argues that a lack of knowledge of the Old Testament is a significant detriment to understanding the New (9). Furthermore, such a dearth "makes impossible a grasp of the entire divine plan that stretches between, and over, the two Testaments" (9)…
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