The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm

The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm Essay example
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Name Institution Instructor Course Date The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm In order to become a master of love, Erich Fromm presents a secular point of view describing how humans should practice love in his book entitled “The Art of Loving”. In this book, Fromm presents love as a skill in which one can acquire it teaching and development.


Following the fact that aloneness alienates humans from one another, they seek refuge from marriage and romantic love (Funk 57). Nevertheless, according to Fromm’s observation, love is not a sentiment that one can easily indulge in. In that vein, one can only experience true or real love through developing total personality that has an extent of loving one’s neighbor with “courage, discipline, faith, and true love”. This paper will seek to outline Erich Fromm’s argument about love and his reasoning for the arguments. Fromm argues that, love is that power which ends up producing love. One can only exchange love for love and confidence for confidence. If a man wishes to enjoy an art, he must possess an artistic training; if he wishes to influence other people, he must possess a really furthering and stimulating influence on them. For instance, in the Book of Jonah, God gives an explanation to Jonah that the vitality of love dwells in laboring for a thing and making that thing grow (63). This is a clear indication that love is inseparable from labor and vice versa, as a man loves that which he labors and labors that which he loves. In his argument, Fromm sets forth that the active behavior or character of true love incorporates four basic instruments or elements namely knowledge, respect, responsibility, and care. ...
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