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Human computer interaction

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Bush The author of this paper is a respected scientist in the scientific community of the Allies. The paper is set in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War and the author concentrates on the large amounts of learning and research produced during the war effort and the inaccessibility posed by the large volumes of information available.

History of the crusades concentrating on the 1st crusade

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Some have even speculated that most of the world’s major wars would not have happened if not for religion. This is very ironic since most, if not all religions teach their followers about peace and kindness towards their fellow man, but make no mistake about it, countless people have fought and died over their religious beliefs.

Communication of corporate social responsibility (CSR)

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Journal of International Marketing, 19 (2), 30-44. The study highlighted the impact of corporate social responsibility communications on the perceptions of organizations along with their brands among consumers in two distinct cultures.

Profit Implications of Malware

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Elizondo, Computational Intelligence for Privacy and Security). However a malware will not specifically fall into either these groups as some malwares fall into more than one category. The most common groups are virus, worms Trojan horse, rootkit, spywares and adware.

Jenny Holzer

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The exposition was at the Whitney Museum entitled "A Retrospective on a Career of Sounding the Alarm. Jenny Holzer Web. 20 April 2011 This is a wonderful site with multiple videos of interviews and expositions (slide shows).

Annotated Bibliography

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Here, historians provided a brief backgrounder on Bantu-speaking Africans, who originated from West Central Africa. It featured some of its farming and cultural practices. Bantu group migration was described to move slowly southward seeking to explore new frontiers of lands and herds.

Contingency perspectives of leadership are better at motivating employees

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British Journal of Management, Vol. 21, 393–410. Type of Article 1. scholarly or other 2. authors 3. Research/literature review/meta-analysis/critique/other Research article Aim/purpose of article Previous studies of leadership and its effects have focused on the behavior of leaders.

Carl Rogers Humanistic Approach

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The author states that the two elements, e.g. realness and acceptance are useful and attractive for those who work in the field of psychology. As far as the third element, "empathetic understanding", is concerned, he states that this condition brings a lot of problems.

Is Local food a better way to eat?

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Global trade in agricultural product has eradicated two things; first there is nothing called seasonal and second there is seldom a food product that we can call local and that way unique. Agriculture produce now makes a few thousand miles journey to reach parts of world that might be geographically at diametrically opposite position.

Annotated Bibliography

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ills while other seek it, a horror movie may be entertaining to an individual while at the same time induce fear to the other and the association of sensation seeking with addiction, drug abuse, and anxiety disorders. The study establish some connection between sensational or

Annotated Bibliography in APA Style

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Annotated Bibliography   Ash, J. S., Berg, M., & Coiera, E. (2004). Some unintended consequences of information technology in health care: The nature of patient care information system-related errors. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 11(2), 104–112.

Sustainable hospital and the healing process and employee good morale

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These are integral in ensuring high levels of employee and patient satisfaction and loyalty. The paper will examine existing motivating programs and the ensuing strengths and weaknesses. One of the strength of the motivating programs is that its’ automation makes it easier to identify individual merits and reward them accordingly.

Delegation & Empowerment

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Delegation & Empowerment Literature Review: Annotated Bibliography Student Name Liberty University Annotated Bibliography Curtis, E., & Nicoll, H. (2004). Delegation: A Key Function of Nursing. Nursing Management, 11(4), pp. 26-31. Curtis and Nicoll have managed to discuss delegation and employee empowerment as a key attribute of effective leadership.

Principle terrestrial biomes

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Bawa, Kamajlit S. and S. Dayanandan. “Global Climate Change and The Tropical Rain Forest” Northeastern Naturalist 6.4 (1999): 473-485. This is a journal article that covers the Tropical Rain Forests Biome. The article begins by explaining how incredibly important the genetic density of the tropical rain forests, not just for ecological and conservation purposes, but for humans as well.

Annotated Bibliography : A Review of the Effects of the Internet on College Students.

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Blankenship, M. (2011). How Social Media Can and Should Impact Higher Education. Education Digest: Essential Readings Condensed For Quick Review, 76(7), 39- 42 The article details a survey conducted of, approximately, 1,000 different schools to determine how rooted social media and other web atmospheres are within higher education; 80% of the survey participants admitted that they are dependent upon social media, both, as leisure and as part of their teaching and learning processes.

Education Trends, Theories, and Practices

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This article is intended to offer critical guidance and insights to the teachers and policy makers with regard to problems faced while dealing with and installing technology in classrooms, and the prospective implications of the same. The authors have attempted to examine the relationship between various learning theories and instructional theories and the instructional technologies and have concluded that the future of education, on account of such technological advancements seem to be extremely bright.

Women and the glass ceiling in corporate America

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Henrietta Francis Liberty University BUSI 501-D04 Dr. Robins Hoggins-Blake November 25, 2012 Abstract: This brief annotated bibliography helps to shed light on the glass ceiling as experienced by women in corporate America. As such, the author has researched the topic and provided a litany of sources and explanations which will help in provided a detailed research overview of the topic.

Annotated Bibliography. Information Security Risk Assessment Framework and Metrics in the South Australia Real Estate Sector.

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Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (2010) Prudential Practice Guide: PPG 234- Management of security risk in information and information technology. Web: Accessed on 10th April 2012.

Organisational Behaviour Management: An Annotated Bibliography

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Hellriegel and Slocum explained the importance of studying organisational behaviour both for personal efficacy and organisational effectiveness. Hence, a working knowledge of organisational behaviour builds up the necessary competencies to achieve effectiveness on a personal and organisational level

Coaching and Mentoring

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I chose the topic of coaching and mentoring, because nursing education does not entirely rely on classroom education to serve its learning needs. Nursing interns and practitioners altogether need coaching and mentoring that will aid their professional development.

Human Development and Functioning

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Theories of Human Development and Functioning. In the field of human development and functioning, the theory of lifespan psychology has taken new dimensions with preceding years. On that basis, we can say the theory has progressed for the better development of humanity.

A Second Look At The History Of Christianity

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What was the original message of Jesus Christ and did he really plan to build a big institutionalized church named after him? Did Jesus Christ really want to have more than 41,000 feuding denominations all claiming to be Christian churches and almost all claiming to be the only way towards salvation?


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sues pertaining to National Security. Strong Response Notes While the statements were made they seemed vague with no clear indications as to how and based on what information the decisions were made The lack of data is disheartening and shows that this report may be simply a cover page or introduction?

The Supernatural and the Reality of Zombies

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Ackermann, Hans W., and Jeanine Gauthier. "The Ways and Nature of the Zombie." Journal of American Folklore 1991: 466-494. Print. The article by Hans Ackermann and Jeanine Gauthier talks about the origins of zombies and the supernatural entities that surround such phenomenon.

Controlling Menopausal symptoms the natural way with diet, exercise and vitamins.

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Published in 2009, this book is a scholarly as well as a popular work and is written by Winifred Cutler who obtained her PhD in biology from University of Pennsylvania and did her postdoctoral work in behavioral endocrinology from Stanford University. This book sheds light upon the dietary component of the management of menopause but does not discuss the effects of exercise in detail.
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