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exciting recent archaeological find (within last 10 years)

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Sedgeford itself is located in a very flat landscape, which is dominated by Anglo-Saxon archaeology, featuring such famous figures as Boudicea, Queen of the Iceni (Moshenka, 2005). The Find The gold hoard at Sedgeford is one of only two in the United Kingdom to have been found preserved inside a piece of animal bone.

maiolica: islamic spanish italian and christian continuum

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Maiolica pottery exists across Islam and Christian cultures. The following paper will look at the ways in which this tin-glazed pottery has appeared throughout the Middle Ages and the importance that it has had in showing how the technology of making this ceramic passed from the hands of one civilization to the next.

Cross Cultural Transitions: Understanding Culture Shock

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It also highlights the period when she returned to Vietnam in 1986 after 16 years to visit friends and family members she had left behind. Hayslip visit to Vietnam was a reunion to the father of her first-born son, her siblings and mother. At that time the tensions from the just ended war was still being felt and her family became afraid of associating with her.

sustainable architecture

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Structures constructed in sustainable architecture designs keep in view the ecological objectives and sustainable development. The discussion seeks to explore the concept of sustainable architecture in the modern world. Discussion Sustainable architecture is anchored in the principle that comprehends humans as a central aspect of nature and accountable for management of the natural structure or systems.

The purpose of this project is to better understand the effectiveness of the sling in hunting and combat.

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Meanwhile, modern history gives accounts of the invention of the current forms of weapons that we know such as bombs and guns as coming into existence for not more than 1,000 years back (Korfmann 1973: 98). The question is thus posed: What were the people in the ancient times using in their combat and hunting?

'Give an account of the main mosques of Samarra' and al-Fustat in the early 'Abbasid period.'

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As in any civilization, through understanding how and why their buildings came into being, the function and the form through which culture was lived and expressed, can reveal much about a people The building of the Great Mosque of Samara, which still provides awe in its lasting beauty and its influences on the Mosque of Amir, which in turn influenced the Mosque Ibn Tulun all provide frameworks which can be examined for their importance through architectural standards and through cultural implications and meanings.

Discuss the three imperial mosques (Suleymaniye, Selimiye, & Sehzade) designed by the Ottoman architect Sinan.

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It starts with a brief biography of the great architect himself, and also includes a discussion of the Hagia Sophia, which greatly influenced his construction works. Sinan, or Mimar Koca Sinan (Matthews 2011), was born in 1498 in Anatolia, Turkey, of Greek parents (Matthews 2011).

Forensic Archaeology

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Forensic Archaeology From the word forensic, many people would conjure up images of most popular crime series CSI where Gill Grissom ponders a crime scene and searching clues hidden in skeletal remains of the victim. In contrast to such perceptions indoctrinated by entertainment, are the realties of 2004 tsunami killing around 230,000 people, Bali bombings and killings, tortures and rapes between 1998 and 2003 at Solomon Islands as a result of natural and human caused disasters.

Interpretive Paper on the Bayon Temple

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It is the magnificent central temple of the ancient city of Angkor Thom, located to the north of the well-known Angkor Wat. The Buddhist temple of Bayon which includes aspects of Hindu cosmology was built around 1190 AD by King Jayavarman VII. The square Angkor Thom has sides almost two miles long; it is surrounded by a moat, and faces the four cardinal directions of the earth: north, south, east and west, state DumarCay, Royere, and Smithies (2001).

Archeology: Building of the Egyptian Pyramids

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Archeology: Building of the Egyptian Pyramids. The Egyptian pyramids are massive structures anciently build in various locations across Egypt. The pyramid-shaped masonry constructions were built to host the kings (Pharoahs) and their consorts when they died (Lehner 41).

The Relationship between Self-Esteem and Aggression

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The characteristics of self esteem have traditionally between associated with externalizing factors like aggression in different terms. The controversy centring the issue concerning low or high self-esteem influencing aggression have been addressed through several studies undertaken on samples from different sets of population.

Significance of Chaco Canyon

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Chaco Canyon was occupied by the Puebloan people, the ancestors of the Anasazi. The Canyon now forms a part of the Chaco Culture National Historical Park encompassing some of its most renowned regions such as Pueblo Bonito, Penasco Blanco, Pueblo del Arroyo, Pueblo Alto, Una Vida, and Chetro Kelt (Maestri, 2012).

Production and Exchange

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These kinds of archeological methodologies did also emphasize only single dimensions of economic developments namely production and subsequent distribution of endowed resources. These two factors were seen as the major driving forces behind the renowned world political powers.

Principles of Archaeology - journal article review

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A number of both round and rectangular buildings, as well as grain silos, had been found at the site. Micromorphology suggests that the rectangular buildings were used for habitation, whilst the round shape showed signs of being used for domesticated animals.

Women Among the Celts

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Women Among the Celts Name: Course: Date: Women Among the Celts The Celtic people remain embedded in the global history for their remarkable independent thinking minds, and natural mysticism that stands outstanding in history. The Celtics are remarkably known for having elaborate and detailed progressivism as seen in their law codes, and the attachment to their native pagan practices despite the widely spreading Christianity.

Discuss changes and similarities in Roman Republic art and architecture as opposed to Roman Imperial art and architecture

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A closer look at the individual works of art, buildings and designs of this long era reveals, however, that there was considerable evolution over time, so that it is possible to distinguish two distinct sub categories of Roman art: that of the republican era and that of the imperial period.

A comparison cultures of the Irish Travellers in Ireland, Great Britain and the United States and the preservation of their customs and language.

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A comparison cultures of the Irish Travellers in Ireland, Great Britain and the United States and the preservation of their customs and language. ABSTRACT This text attempts to analyse the various similarities and differences between Irish traveller Diasporas in Great Britain and the United States with the original Irish travellers in Ireland.

Acropolis in the Late Bronze Age.

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Acropolis In The Late Bronze Age Introduction Athens was named in reference to the well known patron Greek goddess “Athena”. In Athens, Acropolis holds a twofold position. It is referred to as fortified citadel and state sanctuary with allusion to the ancient Athens city (Michell 1994, 62).

ancient world artifacts

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Introduction Mesopotamia is often referred to as the cradle of ancient civilizations as since activities such as animal husbandry, agriculture, and domestication were developed during this period as compared to anywhere else, approximately eight thousand years ago.

The pyramid of Giza and Stonehenge: Comparison

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There are certain things in the world that have no definite answers or explanations. These are often the kinds of things that either happen for the first time, or happen too fast, or were made or occurred before our time. These are the kinds of things that our scholars have tried to study for years.

Prehistory: death an burial in Iron Age - Comparison of 4 articles

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This is because graves and burials hold the key to innumerable details about the culture, beliefs, traditions, and perceptions of the people they belong to. The concept of death is varied among various cultures and so is the ritual of burial. A study of grave customs therefore offers a window into the people’s differing perceptions of death, apart from providing an insight into their actual lives and traditions.

Images of Japan Within and Without

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Images of Japan Within and Without. Japan is an island in the Pacific Ocean in East Asia. Archeological research shows that people lived in Japan from the early Paleolithic period. Its history is characterized by its long periods of isolation and influence from other countries.

The khipu system of the Andes

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Examining the effectiveness of these particular systems for talking and attributing it into a progression of speaking that was passed down into writing systems and other forms of communication is one which can be regarded from this particular style of speaking.

A research paper on the representation of the goddess Isis in Ancient Egypt from Old Kingdom to New Kingdom.

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The gods and goddesses had been inevitable part of the religious and spiritual belief of those cultures. The people had specified different gods for different purposes, and the same traits and characteristics and favors were expected from the particular deity.

In what ways does the Ara Pacis Augustae reflect Augustus' vision of a Roman 'golden age'?

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In the summer of 13 BCE, the Roman senate issued a decree calling for the construction of an outdoor altar complex commemorating the emperor Augustus’s successful campaigns in Spain and Gaul and his return to Rome in that year. The Ara Pacis Augustae, or Altar of Augustan Peace, was completed in 9 BC(1).
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