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Grant Proposal - Pressing Questions

Therefore, reintroducing the manufacture and use of these tools and furniture will elevate the standards of living in the society in different aspects particularly the economic aspects will elevated immensely.
Different cultures that define our origins and societal orientations can be defined or identified by the shapes and styles of tools that our forefathers used in the ancient years (Lane, and Matthew 71). The tools and wares that were used in the early years help in defining the kind of preferences and livelihood that were embraced. However, in the contemporary world, the same tools and wares can be made in their old nature and be sold to museums and to different cultures as means of appreciating the ancient cultures that such tools and wares originate. In this sense therefore, if we reintroduce the modelling and carpentry work in the society that will deal with making such art tools and wares, there will be increased employment opportunities especially to those who will be involved in making such items as well persons who will be doing sales on the same.
Many people often tend to identify themselves with ancient items; thus, they are usually concerned with period through which certain tools and wares were made and used. It is very easy to determine periods and dates that the wares and tools that were used. According to Hirth, technologies such as carbon dating have allowed archaeologists to determine the periods that these tools were used (Hirth 39). Vessels were mostly used to represent the artistic orientation of a particular community. There functional characteristics did not apply to the views of the community. Therefore, in cases where people may be having these ancient tools and wares or items we shall install carbon dating systems to help in determining the years that the presented artefact was made. The older the artefact the more value it will earn and the more ...
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The forefathers of the current generation used these tools to sustain themselves or for the daily operation including farming and hunting among other…
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