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What is a Shaman?

There are three basic concepts of Shamanism. The first concept of shamanism is the belief that animals, plants, water and rocks all have spirits which have to be respected and cared for by the human race (Michael. 59). The second concept focuses on personal responsibility and involves the belief of Buyan which can be related closely to Karma. The concept states that taking responsibility of one’s action is mark of an upright individual. The third concept advocates for balance. It states that balance is an important aspect that maintains harmony in the environment, within an individual and the community at large. In shamanism, a Shaman is approached when things get out of balance within the community, homestead or an individual (Michael. 59).
The concepts of shamanism help in the understanding of the link between the living and the spirit world. The first concept portrays this notion through the use of a Shaman as a mediator between the living and the spirit worlds. The second concept advocates for personal responsibility which is an important aspect in human beings as it promotes self actualization in an individual thus creating positive thinking towards development as well as other life responsibilities such as management of the environment, promoting a peaceful existence in the community and respecting the human race. The third concept promotes a balance in natural and anthropogenic factors thus creating a harmonious environment (Michael. 62). Harmony is an important entity in community build-up as it is used to create a social capital which is required for communal development. It also maintains peace in the ...
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Basically, it must be someone who is conversant and has mastered the spirit world. In this case, shamans conduct blessings, hunting magic, rituals of protection and divination. He can also heal diseases with spiritual causes. He…
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