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Popol Vuh Creation

This relates to agriculture because of the three attempts, corn is the only one that brings life, when planted properly. The story somehow showed analogy of man having soul and seeds bringing life to agriculture.
The belief in religion is also a good lesson from the story. The story showed the existence of different worlds, the underworld, upper world and the world we know as Earth. Religion teaches human beings to believe in the existence of Gods, and worship the Gods who created them.
The third lesson was about the trails that the Hero Twins had to go through to be able to get their father from the gods of the underworld. They used magic and trickery to defeat the gods. After doing so, they were rose up to the upper world and became the sun and the moon. Their love for their father and their perseverance showed that they were worthy to be exalted op to the upper world and be with the Creator.
The connections between all living creatures on earth shown in the Popol Vuh can still be related to how Mayan society value the plants and animals around them. Corn, being an agricultural product, has been a representation of the human body and soul. The teachings from the story of the Hero Twins help the Maya society accept death and trials as their challenge to be able to climb up to where the Hero Twins are. From the underworld, their success will help them gain a worthy place together with the sun and the moon.
This story teaches us that even if societies have different stories of creation, the existence of a Creator, the interconnection of life on earth, and the battles that we go through to be able to deserve a good life in heaven, are almost the same in context. This also shows that no matter how different the religious beliefs are, the teachings behind them are all for the common good of the ...
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The first lesson in the story is that it showed the interconnection of all life on earth. When the Creators, Heart of Sky and other deities created human beings, they had…
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