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Art and Architecture in 5th Century Athens

Athens generated some of the most significant and lasting cultural artifacts within Western tradition at a time when it was able to subdue its enemies, and enhance its political fortunes under the guidance of statesmen and orator Pericles. Historians perceive the Athenian 5th and 6th centuries BCE to be the Golden Age of architecture and sculpture. During the period, the ornamental elements and the technique utilized did not differ significantly from the previous period (Kinzl 84). Majority of the works were religious in nature and featured temples and sanctuaries. The Parthenon represented a symbol of the Golden Mean; a time in which architecture, arts, vase painting, and sculpture thrived and every of the art forms benefited from interactions with other art forms. The patron goddess of Athens joins architecture with, and sculpture to shape a whole that mirrors the Golden Mean, the Greek pursuit of harmony, order, and balance. The entire of urban Athens features a system of huge walls, which guaranteed that Athens was always open to the sea, and only enemies (naval force) with superior to her unparalleled fleet could succeed in cutting the city off from vital supplies (Pedley 37). Phidias created colossal gold-plated marble statues that remain highly commemorated and admired. ...Show more


Author Tutor Course Date #1 How art and architecture in 5th century Athens reflects the political, trade, and military conditions of Periclean Athens Fifth-century Athens represents the Greek city-state of Athens in the period ranging from 480 BC to 404 BC…
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Art and Architecture in 5th Century Athens essay example
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