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Cultural Space

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In addition, the paper addresses how architecture is employed to exhibit culture; whether what is being displayed is skewed or reflective of the true culture; what it means to put culture on display; whether the exhibition is a wonder or resonance; and whether the recreated courtyard further the designer and museum’s intention of facilitating exchange between the U.S.

Buildings are not 'Complete' When the Architect Goes Home

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Architects need to balance the available resources in a way that meets all the requirements of constructing a building. Once they leave the construction site, everything needs to be in order. However, this is usually not the case. There are many requirements when constructing a building.

Final PL

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Based on the observations shared in this paragraph, it can be established that preservation of the past knowledge of humans played a significant role in making the current scientific development possible (Lan, Li and Wang). Because, other species are naturally forced to initiate their learning process repeatedly, while humans due to their intellectual capability transferred their knowledge from one generation to another.

Niagara-Mohawk - Art Deco

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The building comprises the architectural characteristic of modern design, high quality material that support its weight and an extra-ordinary external lighting architectural design systems, characteristic of a lighting house2. The building has a high level of decoration and sophisticated sculpture, which sets it apart, from the surrounding buildings or any other building that are register under the historic places register.

To Explore the Model of Future Intelligent Buildings via the 2010 Shanghai World Expo

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Yet until now very little discussion or study has been undertaken to explore the universal applicability of a green building. Whenever there is any discussion about the concept of such a building there are case studies and research available on particular buildings on the cost effectiveness and energy efficiency.

Which architect or what building Inspired you to study architecture and want to become a professional Architect?

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Why I Want to become a Professional Architect? Architecture is the art and science applied in designing and putting up of buildings and other physical structures. Architectural in relation to building involves intensive planning, designing, form construction, and ambience that replicate the various fictional, social, technical, and any other artistic works.

The Effect of Perceived Job Stress, Social Support, and Emotional Intelligence on Job Satisfaction Among Urban Police Officers

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228). Leeper (1948) posited that “emotional thought” contributed to intelligence in general and was a part of “logical thought” (p. 20). Gardner (1983) broadened the understanding of intelligence through his theory of “multiple intelligences” by establishing specific criteria for distinguishing behavior that would constitute intelligence.

The Altar of Zeus

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The Altar of Zeus: A Crucial Look at its Aesthetic Form and Socio-Political Substance Name Year Level – Section Professor March 13, 2012 The Altar of Zeus Introduction Regarded by many as one of the most outstanding pieces of architecture from the Greco-Roman Era, the Altar of Zeus is a huge rectangular structure currently found in a museum in Berlin, Germany.

Light and shadow in prayer

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Abstract Architecture is an art of design that takes in consideration of designing artistic models to enhance the conditions of the environment. It uses the natural available material to compose equipments that of great importance to human being and environment itself.

a research on why i want to be professional architect, what inspired me and carry out a further research on my inspiration.

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Abstract Architecture has contributed substantially to the creation of structures in homes town and cities. It is through the unique architectural design of Taj Mahal by Emperor Shah Jahan that I was motivated to become an architect. Because of my interest in architecture I did a research on the architecture and construction processes of Taj Mahal with an aim of doing a thorough exploration and understanding of the architectural design of the mausoleum from the start up to the completion of the structure.

Sustainable Living and Ecological Lifestyle within Traditional and Modern Courtyard Design

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6 - 8 1.1 Background 6 - 7 1.2 Purpose of the Study 7 1.3 Expected Outcomes of the Study 7 - 8 CHAPTER II: LITERATURE REVIEW ……………………………………….. 8 - 21 2.1 Traditional Chinese Courtyard Spatial Value: the Siheyuan 8 - 11 2.2 Modern Courtyard: Structural Form and Day Lighting Effects on Contemporary High Rise 12 – 19 2.3 Ecological Living in Traditional and Modern Courtyards 19 - 21 CHAPTER III: RESEARCH METHOD ……………………………………….

Local Development Framework

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The local authorities have created Local Development Frameworks (LDFs) to help resolve multiple challenges, using the statutory provisions of the 2004 Act. They have thus provided a framework for delivering “much needed development and supporting infrastructure which commands broad community support” (Rozee, 2008 p.594).

Comparing Architectural Styles

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Comparing Architectural Styles Introduction In this era of advanced technical knowhow society as well as culture has also undergone numerous changes. Such changes have also touched the field of architecture. In due course of time there have been many creative innovations especially in the architectural style.

Architecural Theory

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He or she thinks of forms instinctively, and then attempts to rationalize them; a dialectical process controlled by theory. This theory can only be studied in philosophical and ethical terms. The core of theory as a philosophy is the recognition that there are conjoint worlds, the central debate of philosophy being over the dialogue between them (White 7).

Pier Luigi Nervi and Santiago Calatrava - Protagonists of an Engineering-based Architecture?

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A protagonist is a lead character or the player of a chief role in a certain aspect such as a play, a movie or an industry.Pier Luigi Nervi and Santiago Calatrava are chief players in the Engineering based architecture industry. They play a very major role in the industry.

Compare Chartres Cathedral and Canterbury Cathedral

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The paper discusses the peculiarities of historical period of the Medieval Ages and it reflects the main themes of Bible, depiction of the magnates and the royal persons. Chartres Cathedral and Canterbury Cathedral are two historical monuments of gothic architecture.

Culture perspective of another country

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The diversity is so profound that the low caste Hindus are considered inferior to the Hindus belonging to the superior classes. Mosques, temples, mandirs and churches are located at a distance of few meters from one another. Besides, there are so many languages in India that people of North India may not necessarily know the language of people of the South India.

Sexism and the Star System in Architecture

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Women have, for a long time, struggled in architecture because they have not been given fair chances to participate within the profession. With the advent of having to have a degree in architecture as well as licensure for the profession, many women who had previously been involved in architecture found that they were shut out from the profession.

Stress and Law Enforcement

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If one has to talk to ten different people and inquire them to explain what stress stands for, or what is stress brought about by or what effects does stress have on one’s life, one would doubtlessly receive numerous different replies to each one of the queries.

Strategic and Transport Planning

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The system is meant to have people park their cars, motorcycles and bicycles at a given place the take a ride in larger vehicle like a bus to complete their journey. The destinations include offices, market places, banks, schools, hospitals, residential areas, entertainment spots, leisure parks, airports, railway stations and city exit highways among others.

A study investigating the effectivness of Curriculum used in domestic violence batterer intervention programs

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tion when what could stop DV is no other than the perpetrator. Thus a study on the effectiveness of batterer intervention programs is of high relevance to help stop DV. However, literature notes that weak methodology in evaluating intervention programs both for victims and batterers provide mix results failing to establish the effectiveness of the intervention.

Architectural theory

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This is where an architect comes in whereby an architect is the one who devices this theoretical structure and turns it into a reality. Nonetheless the theoretical structural design differs from one architect to another. The Design theory of architecture is in a continuous evolution whereby architects are coming up with newer and newer ideas every day.

Paris: perhaps the best example of (re)planned city

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Whenever we do things in any way there must be a medium through which we do it and there must be recipient of our actions. In the world of architecture things are not different; we greatly impact on the life of people, their life styles greatly improve or deteriorate.

The influence Julias Schulman had on the developement and perception of modern architecture.

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Julius Shulman is one man who has walked the isles of modern photography and left an indelible mark. Shulman who I perhaps best known for his work titled: “Case Study House #22, Los Angeles, 1960”, was born in October 10, 1910 in Brooklyn, New York to Russian Jewish immigrants.

Teachers' Views of The Impact of Instruction in the Inclusion Model for students with Learning Disabilities

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It will identify the methods selected to be able to answer the main research question “How do teachers view the effect of instruction within the inclusion model for students with learning disabilities”. Specifically this study addresses the following: How does a full inclusion classroom setting serve to affect the relationship between the educator and his students (both with and without LDs)?
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