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Compare and contrast

This has prompted students to design ways of “surviving the cut” through developing unique architectural designs and concepts that will sell in the market. This starts with the student developing a well outlined thesis topic then developing that thesis to good and sellable project. The paper, therefore, focuses on comparing and contrasting two theses for architectural designs.
The major similarities that the two theses designs exhibit are the separation of concerns and locality. The designs separate independent parts of the system and avoid redundant representation of the information. That is, a critical look of the two designs; you can easily tell what they are presenting if you have the architectural skills and knowledge. Both the models provide ways to decompose the system into one or more parts that localize decisions that are vital to the art of model development. In addition, these two models share the same concept in that they are all object-oriented designs. This is because they focus on real world entities as opposed to focusing on internal relation or operation sequencing. The locality of these two designs hides the decision most likely to be changed. Finally, interpretation also exhibits the similarities between the two models. That is, the models cannot be directly interpreted but rather indirectly interpreted.
2. Communicating process. Communication is a vital role that models play in conveying the message carried out by the resultant system. Therefore, it is easier to interpret the message of a simple model as compared to a complex model. Communication process characterizes the difference in the two models. Thesis 7A exhibit implicit invocation. This is because it carries a collection of components that are part of operation that forms the part of the ultimate system. It is worth noting that the components of the thesis 7A ...
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In this regard, architecture is playing a vital role in technological, economic and social development of the contemporary society. Therefore,…
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