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Article review: "The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility: A Review of Concepts, Research and Practice".

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This paper is presented in three parts: first, it will give brief background information on the article; second, it will summarize the article; and third, it will provide a critical evaluation on the article.

Risk incidence occurrence solution

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In addition, poor information flow may result in improper patient identification, inadequate control and organization of the workforce, and improper documentation.Information flow is important in any health care facility because it ensure smooth communication between different departments and between patients and service providers.

Body Image and the Media

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This has resulted to a negative influence on body esteem. When women are exposed to the thin models and images, they tend to try and imitate what they see so that they can be just as equal to what they have seen and this has clearly caused a psychological discomfort and research should be stipulated so as to reverse the effects of what women have already seen (as cited in Haas, 2012).

personal leadership competence and how develop personal development in the competence in the future

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Therefore, we have to take them in our jobs to contribute clearly ourselves personal quantities required in the future. Prior to study the module, I think I am a confident of my own ability in achieveing goals. However, after I learning, I do real understand how to let me achieve goals.

Current trends in college teaching or challenges facing college students today

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This paper presents a critique of the article “A Question of Honor: Cheating on campus undermines the reputation of our universities and the value of their degrees, Now is the time for students themselves to stop it” by Chase William. In the first paragraph, this paper presents the summary of the whole article focusing on the main arguments.

Emotional Appeal in McCarthy’s ‘On Immortality’

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Scholars arguing against the attainment of human longevity and possibly immortality base their arguments on the inability to resolve diseases which eventually cause death. Many other scholars in relevant fields have made extensive studies that support the possibility of human longevity based on their findings from experiments on animals,


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Carrying out these steps would mean that the budget deficit will be eliminated as the expenses that would otherwise go as salary of the redundant and unsubstantiated positions will lessen the shortage as well as free up funds that may be used in other outlays that will promote a more effective working force.

Marketing - "Real-World" Write-ups

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According to Mansfield (2011), “Idol has become one of the largest multimedia franchises in history, with an estimated worth, according to Forbes Magazine, of well into the billions of dollars. They have made a science out of product development. In the case the products are singers, but the same powerful principles could well be applied to virtually any product, physical or virtual” (par.

Octavian's two biggest achievements

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Octavian, who later renamed himself as Augustus Caesar or Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus ruled Rome with his Pax Romana or Roman peace that allowed not only peace to prevail but paved the way for the improvement and beautification of the Roman city which Pax Romana afforded them to achieve (Lecture 12).


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“A Secret Society of the Starving” by Mim Udovitch is an essay that gives an account of an online society of anorexics and bulimics that lead a secret dieting life so as to keep thin while “Can You Tell the Truth in a Small Town?” by Kathleen Norris talks of the plight of writers in towns bordering South and North Dakota, where writing the truth leads to being set apart from the society.

Assignment 1: Article Critique

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They consider themselves to be superior to any other personal hence they lack moral sense (Sexton-Radek, & Schleser, 2005). Such people can do anything and can disrespect anyone since they have no feeling of social responsibility. Due to their unwarranted behavior, they may end up taking their own lives or even end up in prison.

Case Analysis: R v Chaouk [2013] VSC 48

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In the first ruling made by his honor Justice Lasry it was argued that the accused would be declined a fair trial if at all he was dispossessed his right of having his solicitor present. That position was accepted by his honor who cited 16 duties that are within the delineate role of a solicitor.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization For years, uterine artery embolization was used to treat women during childbirth to remove obstructions of the blood vessels carried by an undissolved material in the blood. Years later, gynecologists and other doctors discovered that a similar procedure could be treated for uterine fibroid treatment.

Business Ethics

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While six African and two Caribbean developing countries, which were former European colonies, were against the resolution but they did not vote against the resolution rather they also refrained from voting. Though the resolution had not brought any immediate changes but it is viewed as a first step toward resolving this problem and creating the awareness about the importance of clean water and proper sanitation for everyone.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Healthcare

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The first article I reviewed is a work written by Lisa Bliss, Sylvia Caley and Robert Pettignano. It is not clear what professions the three authors of the article held but it is clear that the first two authors were from the Georgia State University College of Law while the last author or Robert Pettignano was from the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Marketing Function and Strategy Audit

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The stores offer general merchandise, fuel, health care and pharmacy among other things. The company runs approximately 2,394 customary and hard-discount store, comprising 899 authorized Save –A –Lot stores. The company makes approximately $ 38 billion of sales yearly.

Contract Law

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Contract Law Essay Name Course Institution Date Introduction With the numerous happenings in the hospitality industry, there is a growing need for practitioners in the hospitality industry to have a system of dealing with both inside contractors and outsiders.

The author needs to give a name

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According to research, cancer deaths are escalating if the patients are not given early intervention. The cancer deaths have been increasing and cancer has been mentioned as one of the leading causes of deaths besides other diseases. However, cancer is a preventable disease since the causative factors can be reduced to minimal and manageable levels.

Strategic Management

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The article by Flickinger, M., Wrage, M., Tuschke, A. und R. Bresser: How CEOs protect themselves against dismissal: A social status perspective. Strategic Management Journal 36 published this year


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Importantly, Fromm does not have one line of thought and he is both a psychoanalyst and philosopher, and a historian and sociologist at the same

Applying Self-Directed and Transformational and Experiential Learning at the College Level

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But despite this plethora of literatures, various issues pertaining to adult education remain controversial – For example, Brookfield (1996) noted the lack of a unified understanding on the process of adult learning, asserting that attempts to establish a theory exclusive for adult learning are practically futile, as he (1992) argued earlier that there is no indisputable theoretical basis from which a theory in adult learning can be developed and that myths regarding adult learning are deeply engraved into adult educators’ consciousness, impeding theory development in adult learning (p.

Technology acceptance model (TAM)

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16 Theory Creation Evaluation Lens 17 Conclusion 17 References 19 Introduction Technology Acceptance Model (or simply TAM) was initially build-up to express computer handling behavior. This idea afterward spotlighted on different applications for assessing acceptance of consumer products such as information systems or cellular phones.

“The Toyota Production System”

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As a result, the management developed the TPS or the Toyota Production System. This system aimed to respond to the global demand for quality and cost-efficient cars. It also allowed the company to reduce costs, while developing people who also contribute to the success of the TPS.

Article review: "Are television commercials still achievement scripts for women?"

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This topic is scientifically important, because it is crucial to determine if and how much the media affects the “gendering” of women’s achievement. Yoder et al. (2008) called this the “achievement script,” or how achievement goals and dreams are made.
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