Franz Peter Schubert composer

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Franz Schubert is primarily known for founding the 19th century German lied and for being one of the most prolific composers there had been. Schubert was born in Vienna, Austria in January 31, 1797 and also died there in November 19, 1928 (Hurd 294).
Schubert acquired his great passion and inclination to music as he was born and raised into a very musical family.


Reaching the age of nine, he began studying harmony and counterpoint with Michael Holzer, a local organist. Two years later, Schubert was able to get in the Court Chapel of Vienna as a chorister. This greatly helped in his development as a musician and as his new school allowed him to conduct, play and write music to be performed. This served as a perfect training ground for him to become a composer (Hurd 294).
By 1811, Schubert has already written numerous musical compositions. His skill in composition was regarded to as "natural and spontaneous" which did not necessitate him to be under his teacher Saliere's supervision.
The death of his mother in 1813 ended his school life. He felt obliged to train as a teacher and help his father. He became an assistant in his father's school the following year. However, he had still longed to devote himself solely to his compositions that he had produced a remarkable number of musical pieces during the period.
He worked at his father's office until the spring of 1986 and pursued his application for a higher position. From that year onwards, he failed to get a regular job. He became a freelance musician, earning money only where and when opportunity allowed him. The popularity of his music won him a lot of friends who supported him when he was financially incapable. ...
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