Miami Dade Police Questionnaire
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The author states that he core approach within the questionnaire made it very clear that blatant use of race in the apprehension of suspects was forbidden. In the interview the officer stated that they are not a supporter of the use of racial profiling. In some situations there was no choice but to use a person’s race as an identifier.
Life of Tim Rodriguez: A Galician in the New World
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According to the report Tim Rodriguz’s farther and 200 odd inhabitant of the village of Nirev went to sea every day except for Sunday. On Sundays families attended the Sunday mass at the churh in Pontevedra after a 4 mile walk. Tim enjoyed playing in the beach, collecting sea shells and racing with his elder siblin, Elena Rodriguz who was 2 years elder to him.
Letters of Van Gogh
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The following article is a rigorous examination of the letters of Vincent van Gogh concentrating on the last three years of his life beginning February 1888 to July 1890 at Arles, Saint-Remy, and Auvers.
Mother Teresa's Ledership qualities
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She gained her recognition and acceptance as being one of the most famous people of the world when she founded the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta in 1950. From then on, she received several prestigious awards namely the Pope John XXIII Peace Prize in 1971, Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.
Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night and the National Endowment for the Arts
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The Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most celebrated painters in the 18th century. He is considered as an Impressionist and most of his artworks are popular to art patrons which makes the artworks expensive.
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Nevertheless, the speaker himself accepts this fact and expresses his feelings on the way of life in America.
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Knowledge of asset evaluation, market efficiency and the influences of macroeconomic on asset returns, together with the economic factors that affect investment decisions and the security markets.
Horace Mann
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According to the report about the biography of Horace Mann, education is considered one of the primary needs of the society for wholesome development of the society and all its constituents. It is therefore of vital importance that children are imparted the right kind of education at the right time, to make them better citizens for tomorrow.
Biography of El Pipila
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He later emerged as a great fearless warrior and inspired many others to participate actively in the “war of independence”. During the Mexicans war against Spain, the latter barricaded themselves in a most fortified building of the city which was the city’s grain store with solid stone walls and enough space for archers to repel attackers.
Donald Lipski
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As a publicly-known artist, Lipski as an American sculptor renowned for his large-scale public works and installations captures the essence of associating poetry with the visual arts.
J.R.R. Tolkien
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John Tolkien is regarded the most talented writer in the English history. The talent aspect attached to his name comes from extra activities that he got involved in despite being a poet.
Multicultural Education: Annotated Bibliography
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This article addresses the very difficult, but all important research question – how can we make use of online CLM, in the best way possible, to supplement debate on multicultural education courses? In fact, the article advances the ongoing conversation concerning the auspicious practices in multicultural education.
Reckless Lifestyle
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Again, I was bewildered and sought what I thought was a solution to my problems. I started taking drugs, drinking heavily, and did anything I could think of to obtain money.
The Influence of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
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Fulton Sheen first got the idea to write when he left for Louvain in September of 1921. Sheen wrote seventy-three books in all starting in 1925 and finishing on his death bed in 1979. His first book, God and Intelligence in Modern Philosophy, was written while he was studying at Louvain.
Alice Walker: A Voice of the Oppressed
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African American experience involves many lingual, racial class issues that have always pricked the socio-political consciousness of the American Society. Alice favors the cause of those who are doubly oppressed: the black women. She articulates concerns about heritage and the role in American society of African American women and women of color.
Biography of Ethnic Fashion Designer - Ritu Kumar
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This paper analyzes the biography of Ritu Kumar. She accommodated the rapid changes in fashion designing in her work in India. Her revolutionary ideas in fashion designing earned her the status of a “revivalist” in fashion work. The great fashion legend was born in Amritsar (India) in 1944. She got her early education from Amritsar.
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The three interrelated essays of the work trace the various episodes in the evolution of moral concepts, and the “Second Essay” advances Nietzsche’s theory concerning the origin of the institution of punishment. Significantly, the author deals with pertinent concepts such as guilt, bad conscience etc in this section of the work and he begins the discussion by talking about forgetfulness and memory.
Cover letter for summer internship program
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With my experiences I will be able to make positive contributions to your
The Epistles to the Corinthians
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According to the paper, the book now known as I Corinthians was actually the second letter that Paul wrote to the Corinthians after he had left the church he had founded there.  It was written in direct response to issues that he was familiar with from that city from reports he had received after he’d sent a previous letter that has been lost.
Eisenhower Comparison
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Brand indicates Eisenhower’s ineffective leadership in Washington, unlike his skills as Supreme Commander of the allied forces in WWII, left the U.S. more vulnerable to attack by hostile countries, specifically the former Soviet Union, in 1961 than it was when he entered office in 1953.
Flannery O’Conner Biography
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In her short life, O’Conner wrote two novel and numerous short stories. She adopted a Southern writing style in her stories and novels and her use of the Southern Gothic style made her works distinguishable.  The regional setting in her novels and the use of grotesque and intimidating characters exhibited her Southern heritage.
Carl Jung: Biography
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The author states that there are many followers of Jung’s theory who continue working on the improvement of his ideas. Jung suggested that sometimes a disease was the best training for a physician. Therefore, only a wounded physician could treat effectively. A similar dynamic can also occur between any health professional and his/her patient.
A Great Leader and Entrepreneur: Donald Trump
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What made him very successful was his drive to succeed or win. In addition, he also possessed good interpersonal skill, entrepreneurial and negotiating skill that gave him opportunity in meeting influential people and other social groups.
The Real Van Gogh: The Artist and His Letters
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Today, Vincent Van Gogh is widely regarded as one of the most famous artists of all time. His talent, use of color and heavy use of impasto to help illustrate his vision and emotion regarding his subject has long inspired artists of all types to study his work. Thia paper aims to know the real Van Gogh and reviews his letters exhibition.
Muhammad Ali
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He changed his name later, after joining a new religious organization which was called the Nation of Islam, established in Detroit Michigan in 1930, to improve the spiritual, the social, the economic and the general welfare of the Africans Americans in the USA (Bingham and Max, 7).
Gustav Mahler Written paper
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ustav Mahler has been a leader of the Royal Opera House in Vienna for ten years. In summer of 1907, he went to America. Leaving the Viennese theater, Mahler left in one of the drawers of his cabinet all the medals.
Mark Twain
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In the history of world literature it is necessary to point out that he became the real founder of American literature because he symbolizes freedom of choice for a writer weather to write about ordinary people or rich and famous ones.
Biography essay of Ronald Reagan
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His family had moved to many different towns and cities in Illinois such as Monmouth and Chicago. However, in the year 1919 he moved back to Tampico and to Dixon in 1920 where they finally settled (Encyclopædia Britannica, 2009). Reagan was nine years old at that time.
Thomas Paine
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Thomas Paine was people’s philosopher and world citizen who showed sympathy and understanding to every person and tried hard to bring reformation in social, political, educational and philosophical fields of his time. Also referred to as an icon of Age of Reason, he became popular during his lifetime as one of America’s Founding Fathers.
Henry Kissinger
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He had affected many people and nations for contributing something for their out of their 'liberation'. Kissinger has attained many awards and recognitions than any other born Americans. His participation in the secret negotiation upon ending the Vietnam War had brought him his Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.
The influence of Jewett upon Morrison
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Toni Morrison has established herself as a powerful woman through poignant stories that portray the African-Americans of the twentieth century. An author as such can be assumed to have been victim of the situations that she creates in her own books. The influences her environment has had on her can be seen depicted in her work.
Oscar Wilde
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He was considered as the core of a circle of artists and poets which conservative society saw as aesthetes and decadents. He is commonly celebrated for his gay life, but this is merely a single facet in the multitude of personas the complexity that was Oscar Wilde.
Allama Muhammed Iqbal
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His ideas proved to be an awakening call for mankind, especially for the Muslims. Pakistan's existence is the fruit of his contributions and efforts. Allama Iqbal was born in Sialkot, Punjab province in Pakistan on November 09, 1877. His ancestors were Brahmins (Hindu Cast) originally, but embraced Islam later.
Twain Opening
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In a lesser known but incredibly powerful short fiction by Twain titled “The War Prayer,” the author uses his rapier wit and a fountain pen to voice his ironclad opinions on American involvement in foreign wars, the complete disillusionment of the Christian Religion, and questions the true definition of the word “Patriotism.”
William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies
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As Roger Ebert noted, "Hearst was a carnivorous media tycoon of the age, proprietor of newspapers, magazines, radio stations, wire services, movie productions companies, a private castle, and his mistress Marion Davies, an actress of great but perhaps not exclusive charms" (2003, p.
Benjamin Franklin: A Life in Review
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At the age of 10, young Franklin busied himself with helping his father in the family soap-making business. As an adolescent, Benjamin Franklin was an avid reader who spent most of the money he earned on books. Benjamin enjoyed learning and became an adept apprentice in all the emerging technologies and philosophies of the world.
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However, a close analysis of the life and career of this fabulous painter suggests how he became a prey to ultimate failure in life. "His life, its feverishness, his meteoric rise and early death all lend themselves fabulously to the mythmaking of Basquiat as the epitome of a nobly failed genius, the artist as exemplary outsider." (Emmerling and Basquiat, 7) Born in Brooklyn, Basquiat had a natural craving for art and his environment favored him in the development of his artistic career.
Why Sartre Was Wrong
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In works like Being and Nothingness and also in the famous play No Exit, Sartre expounds on such themes. One of the most illustrative symbols of this philosophy occurs in the work of Sartre's sometime friend and rival Albert Camus: that of a man trying to push a rock up a hill, but getting nowhere.
Stephen Michael Reich
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These composition canons and slow harmonic rhythm marked by their use of repetitive figures which have influenced contemporary music significantly particularly in the United States of America. Grammy Award winning "Different Trains" added a darker character to Reich's work in 1980s, introducing historical themes and themes from his Jewish heritage as well.
Genghis Khan's Conquest and its impact on the Society
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Little is known about his early years: he was born sometime between 1155 and 1167 in Central Mongolia, to the noble and influential family of Yeskhei (Yeskhei's clan was called Borjigin), a tribal chief of the Kiyad (Temjin was his second son), and Hoelun, of the Olkhunut tribe.
Kozyndan as a collaboration of the artwork by two artists
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It was only after this that they started signing their combined artwork as Kozyndan. For this pair of artists who met in college in the painting class, it is important to create paintings that people enjoy. They do not only expect people to buy their artwork and hang it on their wall, they also want people to keep discovering things even six months after buying the painting.
Ousmane Sembene's cinema
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He regularly made use of nonprofessional actors and wrote the script in various African languages. As an intellectual interested in conveying his message to the socially disadvantaged masses, especially given the high rate of illiteracy in Senegal and the African continent, cinema was a great and effective choice.
Enterprise and Business Development
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He has reached enormous eminence not only as a businessman, but also as a public figure. Suffice to say that according to some observers R Branson might have influenced the voting preferences of British electorate more than the Leader of Liberal Democrats.
Tupac Shakur
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These words sum up the socialization of violence that 2Pac had been subjected to. It was the expression of the masculinity that he had been taught by mainstream media and misguided authority. 2Pac's life is best known for his connection with 'Gangsta Rap'.
Richard Rodriguez "The Achievement of Desire"
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He has discovered early on that his schooling has triggered a disjointing between him along with his parents. He has been writing the narration of his schooling with the intention of honoring his subordinate-class setting and gave value on how he turned out to be the man he has become today.
Henry Ford the founder of the Ford Motor Company
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Growing up in a rural area, Henry had a happy childhood. Unlike other famous people, he did not grow up as a prodigy nor had his success been overnight ("Henry Ford"). He grew up in a farm helping his parents whose main source of living was basically on agriculture.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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How is it possible to read One Hundred Years of Solitude as the history of the Columbian banana massacres of 1928, or Del Amor y Otros Demonios, as the history of colonialism and the true story of Saint Cajetan of Thiene and his well-recorded relation with the Augustinian nun, Laura Mignani Yet, Marquez has repeatedly affirmed that his works are historical, that they tell the history of events as they were seen, understood and remembered by those who lived through them1 Official Columbian, Latin American history, as Marquez has persistently and repeatedly maintained, is a watered down version of the truth; it is a history written by, and for, those in power, designed, not to preserve the
Willa Cather
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Born on December 7, 1873, in Bаck Creek Vаlley, Willа Cаther wаs the eldest child of Chаrles Cаther, а deputy Sheriff, аnd Mаry Virginiа Boаk Cаther. The fаmily trаces its аncestors to Irelаnd, from which they settled in Pennsylvаniа in the 1750's. In 1883 the Cаther fаmily relocаted to live with Willа's grаndpаrents Williаm аnd Cаroline.
Successes and failures of Mussolini
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Of these policies some were successful, some were not. Mussolini once declared "Our programme is simple. We want to rule Italy" (Mussolini). Carsten (1962) commenting on this statement said, "This is the real program of any Leftist. But Mussolini had the honesty to be upfront about it." There is an element of truth in this statement.
Life of Tecumseh
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This paper provides an overview of Tecumseh's life as a young warrior and the legendary battles he spearheaded. It also discusses his significance particularly to the Native American people and the legacy he imparted to them. Tecumseh was born in 1768 (estimated) at Old Piqua, on the Mad River in Western Ohio (Foner & Garraty).
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