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His life was not widely written about, in fact, there is very little known about him as a man in contrast to the volumes written about him as a mathematician. In this report I will discuss about his three of many accomplishments namely Algorism, Algorithm and Quadratic Equations.

Alexander Gorsky Russian Choreographer

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His achievements in ballet were not limited to establishment of dramatically oriented realism, he also managed to develop his own school of ballet teaching. In the essay I will describe and analyse Alexander Gorsky's life, his choreography, country he lived in, and influences of other choreographers and on other choreographers.

Sociology and Me

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My younger siblings are Andrew and Joan. We all grew up in this area.The North End Boston is a middle-class neighborhood which is dominated by Italian immigrant families who comprise the working class of America.

President evaluation, decision analysis

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He was interested in politics, in nature, in the environment, and in all of the social and environmental diversity which constituted his young and growing nation (Fehn, 2005). He is well-known for having been a trust buster for dissolving more than forty business monopolies, for having promoted the regulation of drugs and railroads, for protecting American interests in international affairs, and for promoting a strong and powerful American navy (Brands, 2001).

Franz Peter Schubert composer

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His father, a schoolmaster was his first violin teacher during his childhood. A few years later, Schubert was handed to an elder brother for piano lessons. The musician grew up surrounded by music as his family and friends had established a habit of playing together (Hurd 294).

Burke's Distinction and Public Representation

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Interest and opinion are the two principle factors of Burke's Distinction; he used them as his primary, fundamental example of how political and economic systems might succeed or fail. Using Burke's Distinction for social examination ensures that individuals and governments can better understand their own motivations and needs, and legislate accordingly.

Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

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In view of the limited space allotted for this study, a detailed biographical account is not made in this paper, which restricts itself to only the major aspects of the divergences between the two personalities. Analysis: On the surface, there seem some commonalities between the two titans of the civil rights era: to start with, the most striking similarity, of course, is that both believed in Black liberation.

Abraham Lincoln: “The Man Behind the Myths”

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The presidency of Abraham Lincoln has conferred his importance not only as a political symbol in the pages of history but also as a devoted leader who advocated and deposited slavery to an end. Lincoln, as an antislavery freed all slaves in revolutionizing states.

Roman Abramovich

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Roman Abramovich has used a mix of good business acumen, political astuteness and excellent sense of timing of actions to scale these heights. By evaluating the rise of Roman Abramovich the aim is to acquire an insight in the use of these qualities in business along with the leadership qualities required to ensure excellent success in the world of business.

Historical Criticism of Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory

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His authorized biographer Norman Sherry shows Greene being moved by World War I. The war left its first impressions on a young mind. In a letter to his mother, Greene recounted "the endless memorial services" at the school and the "death feeling" that had pervaded the atmosphere (Sherry 232-240.

Margaret Thatcher

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In the early stages of her life, she studied chemistry at the college of Somerville. Later she became a barrister. In the general election of 1959 she won a seat of MP as a Conservative. In 1970's Edward Heath formed a government, Margaret Thatcher was appointed as Secretary of State for education and science.

Analytical paper on Aristotle

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Though a brilliant pupil, Aristotle opposed some of Plato's teachings, and when Plato died, Aristotle was not appointed head of the Academy. After leaving Athens, Aristotle spent some time traveling, and possibly studying biology, in Asia Minor (now Turkey) and its islands.

Sandro Botticelli biography

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Aged thirteen he was apprenticed to a goldsmith but later moved to the studio of Filippo Lippi a one time Dominican Friar who gave up the cloth after having an affair with a nun whom he later married (Durant 122). Lippi, still a respected artist in his own right, was a major influence on Botticelli's own style of painting, linear, delicate, ornamental and graceful, producing an almost other worldliness' quality in his paintings.

Thomas Hobbes Article

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He was a notable traveler of his time and had friendships with distinguished men like Galileo and Gassendi. Hobbes' works have been of significance in history as well. His important contributions include De Cive in 1642; Leviathan in 1651 and De Corpore Politico published in 1650 A.D.

William Butler Yeats

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I have been reading more of Yeats since, more of his poems, his plays and his life, and it is now clear to me that this man who won the Nobel prize for literature way back in 1923 is still relevant today. Not only is he relevant, he has insightful reactions to the human existence, and is able to put them in small capsules like " Though leaves are many, the root is one;/Through all the lying days of my youth

Kurt Vonnegut

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Science fiction helps lend form to the presentation of this world view without imposing a falsifying causality upon it. In his vision, the fantastic offers perception into the quotidian, rather than escape from it. Science fiction is also technically useful, he has said, in providing a distance perspective, "moving the camera out into space," as it were.

Herbert Hoover

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Herbert contested the elections and won over Al Smith, the Democratic candidate who was Roman Catholic. The citizenry did expect immensely from him, owing to his ideology and belief in the Efficiency Movement, that flourished between 1890 to 1932 in the United States.

Carl Friedrich Gauss

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One of them in discussion is Carl Friedrich Gauss who is represented as a brilliant mathematician. If we say that the French had the Napoleons who drew political and economic benefits from the French revolution then on the other hand we had the Germans who were blessed with some of the most intellectual people like Beethoven and Gauss.

My Familys experience with cities over the past three generations

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We can only be positive on one thing : the three of us have three different point of views on the places that we live in. I am pretty sure that my grandmother and mother always believed that Santiago was an impossible place to live, thought that anywhere in the world would be a better place though they were so emotionally linked to the city in order to leave it.

Hunter S. Thompson and American Counter culture

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In addition Tom Wolfe, William Bouroughs and a list of other writers credited in the new journalism category are discussed. The notion of American counter culture is investigated in detail along with Thompson's works and his illustrious career. The purpose of the discussion is to answer the question 'is Hunter S.

Ernest Ludwig Kirchner

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They tried to establish a new modern art apart from Paris, which would be more original to German culture. The extraordinary paintings of young "The Bridge" artists including Kirchner were full of enthusiasm and idealism that were reflected in their works.

Directions: A paper on the exhibition of "Wayne Thibaud: 70 Years of Painting."

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Known for his plain-spoken style and self-deprecating sense of humor, Thibaud links himself to the long tradition of painting from observation and speaks in defense of painting to audiences regularly. Born in Arizona, Thibaud moved to California in his youth.

Musical influence of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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"During all the time since his marriage, while Leopold had been building his career, he and Maria Anna had experienced seven times the birth of an infant. Their first child, a boy, was born in August 1748 but died in February 1749. By this time, Maria Anna was pregnant with the second, a girl, who was born in June 1749 but died only six days later.

Aristotle Essay

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As the Biography of Aristotle from points out, "He and Plato found a liking in each other's philosophical abilities that had previously been unmatched. For twenty years, the two remained together, content to debate, theorize, and research deeper into the outer limits of human abstract thinking.

Giovanni Boccaccio

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Many scholars believe that he was born in Paris from a French mother. (Hutton, E. 3) The family of Boccaccio originally comes from Certaldo in Valdelsa, his father was a Florentine banker and a money changer. An ordinary opinion is that his father and mother, Jeannette or Jeanne, were never married.
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