Successes and failures of Mussolini

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Italy was under the dictatorship of Mussolini from 1922 t0 1939. During his rule he totally changed the policies of the Government with a view to improve economic stability and also for the welfare of the people. He also wanted to strengthen his power by influencing the public.


Mussolini was among the leaders who laid the foundation for fascism in Italy. Fascism for these people included terms like nationalism, expansion, corporativism, anti-communism, social progress, propoganda, etc.. In the years that followed Mussolini tried to incorporate all these fascist ideolgoes into his policies and to a great extent was able to influence his people and gain the admiration of other political figures of that time. Some of the domestic policies he introduced from 1924-1939 were quite successful, the taming of the Pontine Marshes and the Lateran Treaty between the Kingdom of Italy and the Holy See being some of his successful achievements. Some of his policies resulted in improvement of job opportunities, and public transport. He was also able to achieve economic success in Italy's colonies and commercial dependencies.
The policies Mussolini introduced can be divided into economic policies, political policies and social policies. As mentioned earlier, some were successful and some were failures. A perusal of these policies will enable us to evaluate Mussolini's successes and failures as a leader of a single party state.
The idea of a corporate state was first introduced by Mussolini. ...
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