In her own words: Women Offenders' View on Crime and Victmization

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In the book, In Her Own Words: Women Offenders' Views on Crime and Victimization Alarid and Cromwell have reduced the literature use of words and phrases in order to make it more meaningful to the students. They Editors edited in such a way that its thoroughly acceptable from primary reading itself.


The book is carefully divided into 21sections or articles, each describing about various crimes and victimizations, women faces in the society. The author observes and interviews women who are involved in law breaking and those themselves be victimized. Seminars on sex-work, drugs, violent crime, property crime, civil crimes, desistance from crime and where women were made victims of crime, were conducted in order to get a perfect graph on the subject. The authors were shocked to reveal that most of the women criminals are the later victims in the crime. The face-to-face interviews made by the editors reveals that the most of the women are victims from the offences committed by themselves. They reveal the fact with the example of Sex - workers and women drug dealers in Mexican and African Cities. They are involved in law breaking acts and later on made as victims of crime. Women are vulnerable to the aftermaths of drugs and thus they become the victims of crimes, more often they were put in jail for their crime and thereby result in lack of proper medical attention. Reports states that, most of the women se-workers in the Mexican city dies of due to Sexually Transmitted Diseases [STD] and in most cases they were unknown of their diseases.
Through his book, students can encounter women who ...
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