Allen Ginsberg's Poetry

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In the modern world, popular literature has become the centre of focus in many of the important and energetic debates and the poems of Allen Ginsberg offer an effective example of popular literature or the requisition of popular literature into more elite literary forms.


... The meanings of 'literature' have included: (1) the writings that constitute polite learning; (2) a body of writing produced by a particular nation; (3) creative or imaginative writing; (4) substantial or important writing; and (5) writing with aesthetic interest that can be classed as art." (Johnson, 4) In the course of literary history, the term popular literature has acquired greater acceptance due, mainly, to the expansion of definition of literature to include previously excluded varieties of writing. An analysis of the USA in the 1940s and 50s confirms that Allen Ginsberg was a popular poet of the period and he started and continued to be a proponent of a counter culture in the period. Most essentially, it becomes lucid to a serious researcher that there is a common misconception about the concepts responsibility and seriousness which are considered as very significant to Ginsberg's poetry. A reflective analysis of his several important poems illustrates that such a view is misleading. ...
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