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How important is it that education is immediately and obviously relevant to the interests of the pupils and to life in society?

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However, school has also a significant role in the development of children not only as individuals, meaning their cognitive capabilities, but also as members of the society. Indeed, school has been often regarded as the first level of the pupils’ socialization, under the terms that it is in school that children first face the social rules and ethics (Antikainen 1996).

The Case Analysis Written Assignment for Stewart v Secretary of State for Scotland 1998 SLT 385

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The appellant pleaded for the narrower interpretation of the word “inability” to which he assert only pertains to “unfitness through illness”. He further asserts that the narrower interpretation of “inability” pertaining to physical and mental infirmity is more apropos in its application to resolve the controversy in his case.

Experiencing Depersonalised bullying: a study of Indian call-centre agents

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Ideological theorists view management under traditionalist lenses, following such advices as those provided by Milton Friedman or Adam Smith in which the main responsibility of the corporation is to secure profitability and enhance market position

Case study - Competitive advantage at Louis Vuitton and Gucci

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When we look at competitive advantage in the industry we examine the value chain that is where the profits are generated in the said business as it identifies the parts of the business that are more profitable as they are likely to be associated with the potential advantages.

Issue of increase in the length of annual report

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The 2010 Deloitte survey on narrative reporting found that the average length of the annual report was 101 pages. As per the analysis of Accounting Standards Board (ASB), annual reports of organizations contain immaterial clutter that distracts the reader from the most important information.

"Should football managers be sacked when results (on the field) are poor?

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It is the duty of a manager to ensure the wellbeing of the business by anticipating and acting against potential pit holes that could harm the business in anyway. Football is a sport but it is also a business that makes billions of dollars and for this reason, it requires good management.

Discuss the Implications of the Increaing Length of Annual Reports

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People have realized the necessary aspect of trade and business and they incorporated which has brought rapid developments. In case of public sectors, one of the primary areas of concern is the ethical issues which must strive to meet the expectation of stakeholder by offering higher level of transparency (Silverman, 2008, p.74).

Innate and Adaptive Immunity

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Innate and Adaptive Immunity We live in an environment where we are constantly exposed to foreign particles which include, dust, chemicals, bacteria and viruses. If our body did not have an apt mechanism to tackle the incoming stream of foreign antigens we would soon have become victims of various harmful diseases.

IAS 16 and IAS 40(International Accounting Standards)

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Examples of such property are with the inclusion of land that is held for the prospected use in indefinite future or for the purposes of its appreciation in value, a building being leased under the type of lease known as operating lease or even any given property that has been developed or constructed for future utilisation as an investment property.

To what extent is the Catholic Church central to Rome's status as a contemporary World City?

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However, factors such as religion, politics, and economic activities, play significant roles in determining the development and success of cities across the globe. One of the key factors that have influenced the establishment and the development of the Rome City, Italy is religion, particularly the Roman Catholic Church.

Will offering work-life balance programs result in positive outcomes for organisations and for employees?

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Will offering work-life balance programs result in positive outcomes for organisations and for employees? Work-life balance programs are designed to improve employee motivation, enhance commitment to attaining organisational goals, and overall for providing a workplace environment where employees perceive that they are valued members of the organisation.

"Should football managers be sacked when results (on the field) are poor? What does your answer tell you about how we should

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This paper provides a critical discussion of the arguments for and against sacking unsuccessful managers both inside and outside sporting organizations. This paper engages two different organizational theories when making the argument namely organization learning and dependence on resource theories.

The rise and growing role of multinational enterprises from the Asia Pacific in the global economy

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The globalizations of the market have resulted in some of the dramatic changes with relation to supply and demand globally. One example of such change is the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). FDI has increased at a rapid rate even faster than the global GDP.

State sovereignty 'led inexorably to the Holocaust and atomic warfare'

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Around six million Jews died in the hands of the Nazi, a political party which represented the legal government of Germany in 1933.On the other hand, over 200,000 Japanese civilians died when the United States aircraft dropped atomic bombs in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- a decisive action of the United States to put an immediate end of war and prevented further loss of lives

Faisal - finance

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According to the balance sheet of 2010, 62 percent of the total assets were funded through debt.Modigliani-Miller theorem does not apply to the capital structure of TUI AG. This is because there is a discrepancy generated by Modigliani-Miller theorem. The actual equity of TUI AG is €2434.2 million while equity under Modigliani-Miller theorem is €1081.90 million.

Cloud computing

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For along time, computers have dominated the business world. Computers have made business running quite easy and fast. However, business people without sufficient knowledge in information technology have suffered. There are occasional losses of important data and breakdown of machine and these things have brought businesses down.

It is generally observed that financial systems around the globe perform similar functions, yet when we examine them closely we

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In the financial system, lenders of money include households and firms while borrowers include firms, governments and households. Lenders supply funds to borrowers in two ways. To begin with, lenders supply money through the financial markets. Financial markets which consists of the bond markets, equity markets and the money markets.


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This is because the objectives of the issues involved can have resemblance. Whether large or small, most marketers if not all, always struggle to meet customer requirements and at the same time meeting their own commercial and marketing objectives. The marketing planning process needs the harmonization of open- based decisions at the peak of the commercial level with more closely distinct actions at the bottom.

Should football managers be sacked when results (on the field) are poor? What does your answer tell you about how we should vie

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It is however worth noting that the success of a sporting organization depends of a variety of stakeholders and not on the coach alone as would be argued when reaching such a decision.The success of a team in a match requires the collaborative efforts by the players,the coach,the organization management as well as the prevailing physical conditions upon which the organization plays.

Financial systems around the globe

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Financial Growth According to the conventional theories of financial intermediation, the intimidation stands on the transaction cost and requires use of full information. They are considered to do work by taking deposits and issue the insurance policy, which is the method to provide finance to a company.

How important has Hollywood been in influencing Chinese filmmaking since the 1980s

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The Chinese film industry and the Chinese government are both engaged in ensuring that co-production efforts with the US and the Hollywood film industry are moving forward in order to meet commercial needs of both countries.


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Gametogenesis is the formation of male and female gametes or sex cells. Spermatogenesis and oogenesis are the formation of male and female gametes, respectively, by the process of mitosis and meiosis. Gametes unite in the process of fertilization. The most important consequence of meiosis is that it produces an enormous amount of genetic variation through the production of different combinations of chromosomes.

A comparative study on the effect of different chemicals on Daphnia heart beat

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A comparative study on the effect of different chemicals on Daphnia heart beats Daphnia magna (water flea) is a small freshwater crustacean existing in different environments such as in lakes, rivers, and streams. Daphnia is frequently used in a bioassay to investigate the effect of a chemical on the living organism.

Describe and consider the lessons for auditors and regulators from Enron fraud

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A comprehensive and authentic audit report adds to shareholder values and assists the company’s stakeholders to analyse how the management has responded to their financial interests. In addition, business decisions of third party stakeholders such as banks, other lending institutions, and investors are centred on the company’s annual audit report (IFAC, n.d).

Benefits of E-Recruitment on Human Resource Supply Chain Management

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This paper aims to investigate how benefits of e-recruitment can help Indian healthcare service companies to improve their human resource supply chain management and achieve competitive advantage. Design/methodology– The researcher will use survey method for collecting data from HR managers of Indian healthcare companies and then take help of statistical tools in order to analyze the data.
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