Ellis's and Palahniuk's Literature Representation of Sexuality

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Late-twentieth century writers, both men and women, have increasingly used the themes of class, gender and sexuality for representing the prevailing, as well as the changing, social structures and exploitative social controls by one class over the other. Sexuality, a complex social construction using the sex/gender hierarchy, which operates both on the personal level of individual consciousness and interpersonal relationships, and on the social structural level of social institutions as families, presents potential scope as a theme for representing social control and domination, as individual perceptions, apprehensions and fears about sexuality could be used to portray larger systems of oppre


Toni Morrison's Beloved, dealing with the harrowing and haunting effects of slavery, and Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho, presenting the sexual idiosyncrasies of a psycho-path, treat sexuality in distinctly different ways, former representing the oppressed and exploited 'black' sexuality, and the latter the domineering and exploitative 'white' sexuality. A comparative analysis of the two may prove useful in understanding and appreciating the social constructs of sexuality in American culture and literature.
Toni Morrison, the most powerful Black woman writer of the 1980s and the 1990s, is acclaimed for her exceptional treatment of gender and sexuality, ingeniously combining it with race and class, in intensifying the gender roles and sexuality of her female characters [Christian, 1985]. ...
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