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A famous short story of talented American novelist of XIX century Nathaniel Hawthorne "The Birth-Mark" still impresses modern readers with its depth and actuality. It is a tragic tale about scientific devotion and beliefs, about fallacies and mistakes, about dangerous and unethical consequences of human involvement into the matters of Mother Nature, like trying to change elements of face and body, or whatever was giving by God from the very birth.


But my thesis is: it is quite dangerous to interfere into God's creative work, trying to change something in it. And, to my mind, it must be done only in cases of extreme urgency, and very carefully.
It is not difficult to find in our social surrounding a number of contemporary characters similar to Aylmer, Georgiana or Aminadab. Some people are eager to reach "perfection" by any means, no matter whether it is for scientific interest or for satisfaction of some own obsession. Other people criticize such an approach and always obey the rules of nature in everything possible. And a remarkable fact is that recently it is not obligatory to be a scientist or a research worker in order to experiment with God's regulations and to try giving Him a dare.
The majority of relevant experiences, to my mind, can be discovered in numerous attempts of many modern women (and sometimes men) to correct their appearance or constitutional type, using some complicated therapies, or medical treatments, or diets, or rather dangerous plastic surgeries. Living example of frightful consequences of such surgical interventions is Michael Jackson, who had a great deal of plastic operations and now looks extremely unnatural.
There is another illustrative sto ...
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