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This is an original work by W. Sean Newsome. In this article he has reported his work on the perception of parents having kids suffering with autism about the stress they and their family members face during the period of transition and also about the kind of services they get from social workers serving such families during the period of transition.


This article will be critically analyzed in this paper for different its different aspects like research design, sampling, data collection, analysis and findings. The analysis is presented below.
This research was designed to collect data by telephonic interview with the subjects and asking them a properly designed questionnaire. The response of the subjects were recorded and analyzed to extract useful information and the underlying trends about the variables of interest. The important aspects of this research design are - Formulation of the problem for investigation, Selection of Subjects, Preparing a Suitable Questionnaire, Conducting telephonic interview to collect data and analysis of this data by adopting suitable statistical procedures, Interpretations of the findings of the statistical procedures employed in this study. These aspects as relevant to this research are briefly discussed in subsequent sections.
As autism is a complex autism disorder that affects development of kids, therefore, it is very natural that father, mother and families having someone with autism will be under severe stress. ...
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