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One of a writer's legacies can be found in the style by which his masterpieces are written. In the case of Anton Chekhov, he successfully exhibited this in one of his short story masterpieces, The Betrothed.
For Chekhov, literature is "called artistic when it depicts life as it actually is.


The story is the very specimen of Chekhov's influential writing style. His ingenious manipulation of time and space, preference for interior lyricism, and his poetic and symbolic fusion of different beliefs and philosophy propelled him to the status as the most influential short story writer of all time (Chekhov, Anton: Introduction).
Before we proceed further to answering the question, let me first give a very helpful historical background of Russia during Chekhov's lifetime. The Betrothed, being the last short story the master wrote reflect much of the distressed and anxious political, and the psychological and social atmosphere of Russia. The masterpiece also resonates the author's idea and sentiment on revolution and change in Russian society and her possible condition in the future. To wholly understand the story, the reader should first have a historical background on Russia during Chekhov's time and study how it influenced the writer in his works.
Anton Chekhov was born a year before the 1861 Russian emancipation. This was the time when Tsar Emperor Alexander II re-established a political, economic and social revolution by the policy of westernization. This meant freedom for the Russian peasantry. The Tsar gradually loosened his grip of the serfs by a series of social reforms. ...
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