Wit and Comedy in Literature

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Our appreciation of wit and comedy is greatly enhanced if we recognize the extent to which inherited conventions of the genre are being manipulated. Discuss with specific examples from two of the set texts.


Analyzing a literary master piece in the context of its genre not only helps the reader to understand the common literary elements attributed to that genre, but also facilitates a creative cognizance of the extent to which the inherited conventions of that genre are being manipulated. The direct fallout of such a perspective is that it enhances one's appreciation of the originality of the work under consideration. This stands particularly true with regards to the works of comedy or satire. Any literary work imbued with humour and satire does often have subtle nuances and a soft but potent finesse, which demands all the astuteness at the disposal of reader to release its effect. Hence it really helps to study comedy and satire in a systematic and organized manner, which certainly involves a reorganization of the fundamental conventions of the involved genre. ...
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