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Vladimir Nabokov's controversial American novel 'Lolita' written in 1958, in which the narrator, an European expatriate Humbert Humbert, describes his sexual obsession with a twelve-year-old American girl whom he calls Lolita, has received significant critical response as regards its aesthetic and artistic considerations and ethical implications.


bert's crafty rhetoric, through its "tantalising allusions to a variety of genres," precludes his story's inevitable end, "misdirecting any readerly desire for closure", to avoid any final moral conclusion. [Tweedie, 2] According to him Nabokov's novel "occupies a place on the literary map akin to those cartographic idiosyncrasies," allowing the author and reader "to wander into different forms, using their often vastly different conventions." [Tweedie, 4] Tweedie tends to tone down the ethical questions underlying the literary project saying that in an "environment marked by severe initial crimes and admissions, Humbert's less severe transgressions, his everyday incivilities, become more humorous than damning." [Tweedie, 1]
Unlike Tweedie's study, which focuses on the novel's literary exploration, Lionel Trilling in 'The Last Lover: Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita,' turns to the theme and content of the novel as most reviewers of the novel ...
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