Shakespeare's Measure for Measure

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Shakespeare's measure for measure is no doubt a play highlighting the principles of justice and injustice and at the same time the play provides several reasons to go through vengeance and justice. Every character in a play is presented as a symbol of justice, who is always willing to perform just as to gain justice.


The extent to which the concept of justice is involved in the play can be determined individually as every person who has read or watched the play possesses his own perceptions regarding integrity of the play. It depends how the audience has perceived several critical issues which otherwise would not had considered by the then authors of Shakespeare's era. Like the concern for 'sexuality' in Vienna, it seems as "Measure for Measure" has more concerned with sexuality rather than the issue of 'justice'. Any way, as the topic requires analysis and examination of 'justice' or 'injustice' in "Measure for Measure", we would start examining each character of the play in the light of this context.
Claudio is such a character, which has given rise to injustice in the play by impregnating Juliet (his fiance). When we examine Claudio, several questions arise here like first if Claudio was aware of the new strict law, why he attempted to take such an act. This refers to the fact that he did not respect the law. Secondly, Duke has left in charge Angelo just to view how Angelo would handle things in his absence. Angelo started taking laws in his own hands by imposing different punishments to those who misuse freedom according to his perception. ...
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