Rudyard Kiplings Whitemans Burden

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Rudyard Kipling's controversial poem "Whiteman's Burden", originally published in 1899 was released to the public with the subtitle The United States and the Philippine Islands. Deeply embedded in Kipling's prose can be found the racist politics very common of the era and popular among people who believed in the expansion of white imperialism throughout the world.


This is a view more commonly shared by the opposition to Kipling's piece. A popular argument shared by defenders of the Euro-centrism underlying within his poem argue that it is the obligation of the wealthy to take care of the poor. Many postcolonial theorists argue that the predominance of white sovereignty in foreign lands has less to do with the ideals promoted in Kipling's poem and more to do with the drive of Industry and Imperialism. The only thing that is certain in this argument is the prevailing effect the ideology has had on global civilizations today.
The ideology promoted in Kipling's work did not originate with him; he just gave it a popular label. The infamy of his poem is more a testament to the power of publishing in the west during the 19th century than anything else. In fact, the United Kingdom has been expanding its sovereignty beyond its borders for more than three centuries now. Britain has 14 territories under sovereignty. The land surface of the earth has an estimated overall extension of 52,500,000 square miles. Of this abundant surface, The British Empire is said to occupy nearly one fourth. ...
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