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Book Report/Review example - Carolyn Steedmans Landscape for good woman

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Carolyn Steedman's Landscape for good woman is supposed to challenge socialist, feminist and psychoanalytic approaches to family and subjectivity. This study explores the truth in that statement and also has made an attempt to understand the psychology of the writer while writing such an embittered book against her mother…

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This study has tried to probe into the mental frame of the writer while writing the book and has found it rather biased and slightly unkind. The study concludes that Carolyn definitely had causes to complain; but while complaining, she is highly judgemental.
Landscape for a good woman is not a conscientiously developed book of conflicting theories; but somehow emerged as a challenge to many existing notions. The author has crafted her book well and it was appreciated by the wide readership. It is an autobiography where some of the gender appropriate behaviour of ordinary childhoods creating areas that are invisible and unspeakable exist. Stories of her mother's childhood that influenced her own, because of the beliefs held by her mother and by 'stories that mother carried from her childhood from an earlier family historyto show the unfairness of things' and reader knows how stories of the past could be told to express one's own longings in childhood, and what her mother needed was reality and real possessions in her distant childhood. Part of the story is about how ordinary girls dreamt of 'marrying kings' while they had to work and scrape for each thing they get. Still the dreams would not go away and definitely must have created a mesmerising world to hope for.
In her introduction, the writer says that 'this is a drama of class' and shows ...
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