Philip Larkin and Carol Anne Duffy

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Language is a vital part of any written piece. In poems, both classical and modern, language does not only play as the main sender of the message to the readers. Moreover, the type of language used in written pieces of art stand as the main attraction that creates a fine impression upon the level of understanding and "feel" of the art that has been presented to them by the authors through their poems or other kinds of written art.


More that, the utilization of the said linguistic approach also enhances the entertaining factor that characterizes a written work. Through this, instead of reading through the piece of writing, one intends to think and deeply decipher what is actually meant by the author as he begins to present the data or the message of his work.
Considerably, through analysis, it could be observed that Larkin and Duffy made a great implication as to how they were able to effectively utilize the "suspicion of grandiose rhetoric" approach on their poems as they presented the necessary point of consideration that needed focus and attention when making their poems much more than just a piece of art but also a piece of information and entertainment that would most likely be able to bring in a touch of color on their writing as the readers read on.
In this paper, an understanding with regards the said matter shall be handled so as to make an implicative analysis as to how the suspicion of grandiose rhetoric has represented the different elements that make up the poems "Selling Manhattan" (Duffy) and "The Whitsun Weddings" (Larkin). ...
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