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Experiencing Depersonalised bullying: a study of Indian call-centre agents

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.................................................................... 2.0 Depersonalised bullying: A case study of Indian call-centre agents.......... 3.0 Analysis of case study................................................................................


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Summary and Conclusions 4 10. References 5 India Introduction The activities involved or needed, in the transmission of a product from the manufacturer to the consumer is called business. The main premise of business is trade, and international trade becomes the footing of international business.

Green Hill Community Center Case Study

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Introduction The Greenhill Community Center (GCC) is providing multiple services, including day care for children, afterschool programs, music classes, programs for the elderly and other human services in Coastal City, a very poor city on East Coast. This report evaluates the current management issues in the Greenhill Community Center with the introduction of a new executive director; the report entails a critical evaluation of the existing and newly developed issues faced by the new Executive Director, the performance of the board members and staff and the trustees in light of the principles and practices of nonprofit management.

Global Business

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Growth of the company or sometimes diversification is the main reason for the companies to go for internalization. The other forces that drive internalization of business include employees, ideas and availability of resources. The opportunity of capitalizing the international business is the objective of the organizations.

Organizational Change Plan

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Organizational Change Plan Background of the change situation In the course of planning for change adoption, before the technical, tactical, and practical issues are discussed, it is important to first address the Big Picture (Humphreys, 2005). By big picture is meant the comprehensive strategy that gives rise to the need to change, in order to determine how that change is to be achieved.

Kuwaiti/Chinese Business Partnership

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Sun and Mr. Wu from the Chinese end. The dilemma arose when Mr. Essa Al-Ghurair’s brother was implicated in a stock market scandal where he was accused of lying to his investors and was facing criminal charges. Due to the criminal involvement implications caused by these charges, Mr.

Literature Review on Culture Shock and Poor Adjustment

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Culture shock describes the adjustment process through psychological, emotional, cognitive, physiological and emotional impact upon individuals. In the context where multicultural exits culture shock is a sudden immersion to a non specific condition of uncertainty mainly as the individuals are not certain as to the expectation from them and from the person around them.

IMAX: Larger Than Life

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IMAX is a company that is engaged in the business of manufacturing IMAX cameras, projection systems and it is also managing the IMAX theatres. It is not only a type of the film, camera or projection equipment but it is a combination of the camera, film, projection and the space where the film is projected.

comparative analysis between two DIFFERENT FIRMS in two different countries

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The paper shows the financial performance of Ford Motor India and Pak Suzuki in the year 2010 and the political, social, legal and ethical issues that both these companies face in their respective operating countries. Comparative Analysis – Ford India and Pak Suzuki Comparative analysis can be performed efficiently by selecting and analyzing the performance of two companies in two different countries.

Supply Chain Management- Zara

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In recent times, many firms are reverting to technology and other sophisticated methods in the supply of products goods and services to the market. Many companies, including Zara, have concentrated on customer interface as a way of increasing customer satisfaction.

How can Facebook be good for business: Welcome to a new age of branding.

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Facebook was developed by Mark Zuckerberg, and it is the most popular social network today. This website has over one billion active users as of September 2012. Although Facebook actually intended to improve social relations and connectivity in a cost effective and convenient way, today this website has turned to be a new style of online branding.


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Student Name Professor Name Course Name Date Prospectus For this prospectus, I have selected the third suggested research question, about the greatest crime threat today and the best methods to combat it. My initial thesis is that cyber-crime is the most dangerous type of crime in today's world, due to the saturation of technology, computers, and especially Internet networks in both home and business life.

Personal Creativity

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INTRODUCTION Creativity is an essential part of human life. It’s what makes us different from other creatures; the ability to think differently, come up with new innovative thoughts and ways of doing things. It is the reason birds still build their homes in the same way they did centuries ago, while we have progressed from caves to skyscrapers.

The Need For Leaders Of Large, Global Organizations Today To Create And Sustain Strong Organizational Cultures

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.................................................................... Module............................................................................................................................................. Course.................................

Business Research Paper: Implementation of ERP Systems

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ERP implementation has occurred across many business sectors such as banking, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunication and many more. Universities and colleges have also incorporated ERP systems within the education sector. Implementing these systems introduces flexibility within an organization and eases expansion process.

BRL Hardy

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BRL Hardy is an established wine company from Australia that started to focus on becoming global in the period of late 1990s. The essay carries out the critical assessment and interpretation of the case study regarding the approach of Steve Millar for handling the challenge of leading BRL Hardy to become one of the world’s first truly global wine companies and the company, and assessing the scope for local responsiveness within his global strategy.

Managing multicultural organizations

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Rapid changes characterize the modern world. With these changes taking place, the business world has been one area where these changes have necessitated new approaches to management. In this case, the business world has witnessed workers from differing backgrounds in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and philosophical beliefs come together in the workplace.

Feasibility Study (ABC fast food restaurant in Cambrige)

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Strengths 10 Weaknesses 11 Opportunities 11 Threats 12 Risk Analysis and Sustainability 12 Resource Requirements 13 Dining Furniture, General Fixtures and Land Requirements 13 Machinery and Equipment 13 Human Resource Plan 14 Financial Viability 14 Capital Requirements 15 Conclusion 15 Appendices 17 Appendix-I: Dining Furniture, General Fixtures and Land Requirements 17 Appendix-II: Land and Building Requirement 18 Appendix-III: Machinery and Equipment 19 Appendix-IV: Human Resource Plan 20 Appendix-V: Cash Flow Forecast 21 Appendix-VI: Balance Sheet (Amount in ?

Employee Training and Development

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The fact is, selecting training methods can be hard, particularly when there are a lot of trainees, a lot of money and a lot of your job at stake. That’s why it is required to know about the training methods and then to decide for selecting training methods.

Value Chain Management Exam Paper - 4 Out Of 8 Mini Case Questions

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Question: Within the context of value chain network theory what is it that Brambles are attempting to achieve? What are the net benefits for Brambles’ customers? The acquisition of CAPS by Bramble represents an attempt by Bramble to move up the value chain by undertaking a company that is engaged in downstream activities.

How Can RyanAir maintain its dominance in the European low-cost airline market?

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To understand RyanAir’s dominance in the low cost airline market the research methodology undertaken constitutes both secondary and primary research activities. Secondary research activities undertaken in this respect takes into account several company and government publications and as well as analysis of competitor websites.

Critical Success Contextual Factors among SMEs in Saudi Arabia

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The results indicate that access to capital; technology (e.g. equipment, facilities, and machinery); entrepreneur potential (e.g. competence of management team, technical and soft skills); access to information (e.g. data on the market, supplies, etc.); support of the government (e.g.

Feasibility Study For Building a Hospital in Saudi Arabia

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The economic analysis shows that to raise capital for establishing the facility, IRF is in no position to raise the capital themselves. Therefore, the most likely sources of capital to all the above scenarios are grants and / or units owned by third parties, such as energy service companies (ie, through the contract or other similar contracts for energy services).

The Behaviour of MNEs and of Global Supply Chains

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A ‘value-added chain’ is defined as ‘the process by which technology is combined with material and labor inputs, and then processed inputs are assembled, marketed and distributed. A single firm may consist of only one link in this process, or it may be extensively vertically integrated…’ (Kogut, 1985, p.

Benefits of E-Recruitment on Human Resource Supply Chain Management

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This paper aims to investigate how benefits of e-recruitment can help Indian healthcare service companies to improve their human resource supply chain management and achieve competitive advantage. Design/methodology– The researcher will use survey method for collecting data from HR managers of Indian healthcare companies and then take help of statistical tools in order to analyze the data.
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