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Experiencing Depersonalised bullying: a study of Indian call-centre agents

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Ideological theorists view management under traditionalist lenses, following such advices as those provided by Milton Friedman or Adam Smith in which the main responsibility of the corporation is to secure profitability and enhance market position

"Should football managers be sacked when results (on the field) are poor?

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It is the duty of a manager to ensure the wellbeing of the business by anticipating and acting against potential pit holes that could harm the business in anyway. Football is a sport but it is also a business that makes billions of dollars and for this reason, it requires good management.

Article review: "The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility: A Review of Concepts, Research and Practice".

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This paper is presented in three parts: first, it will give brief background information on the article; second, it will summarize the article; and third, it will provide a critical evaluation on the article.

Developing a Performance Measurement System for a Firm That Purchased a Supplier of Its Intermediate Goods

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Developing a Performance Measurement System for a Firm That Purchased a Supplier of Its Intermediate Goods In a decentralized organization, most of the decision-making resides in its separate or individual subunits. In such a case, the management control system generally utilizes transfer prices to coordinate the subunits’ actions and to assess their performance.


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Summary and Conclusions 4 10. References 5 India Introduction The activities involved or needed, in the transmission of a product from the manufacturer to the consumer is called business. The main premise of business is trade, and international trade becomes the footing of international business.

Green Hill Community Center Case Study

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Introduction The Greenhill Community Center (GCC) is providing multiple services, including day care for children, afterschool programs, music classes, programs for the elderly and other human services in Coastal City, a very poor city on East Coast. This report evaluates the current management issues in the Greenhill Community Center with the introduction of a new executive director; the report entails a critical evaluation of the existing and newly developed issues faced by the new Executive Director, the performance of the board members and staff and the trustees in light of the principles and practices of nonprofit management.

Peppercorn Dining Entering and Contracting

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Drew affirmed his objective, which was to augment productivity, as well as to improve self-esteem amongst the employees (Cumming & Worley, 2009). Additionally, Erica had earlier worked at Peppercorn eating dinner, so she by now have affiliations with the workers, know the organization language, as well as have a number of insights concerning cause of several of its predicaments.

Human Resource Management regarding Coca Cola Company

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Coca Cola also generates 80% of its operational revenue from commerce outside the United States. Being the most famous brand worldwide, Coca Cola has come a long way since its invention in 1886. Success of the company has been largely because of its ability to make a distinction of its product from rivals.

IMAX: Larger Than Life

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The paper deals with the company IMAX. It is a company that is engaged in the business of manufacturing IMAX cameras, projection systems and it is also managing the IMAX theaters. Organizational culture of an organization is highly important in order to assess the type of the organization.

Literature Review on Culture Shock and Poor Adjustment

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Culture shock describes the adjustment process through psychological, emotional, cognitive, physiological and emotional impact upon individuals. In the context where multicultural exits culture shock is a sudden immersion to a non specific condition of uncertainty mainly as the individuals are not certain as to the expectation from them and from the person around them.

Publish or Perish: Can the iPad Topple the Kindle, and Save the Book Business

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Amazon and Apple extremely cut down the engineering challenge of the tablet and scored big hits with the Kindle and the iPad. Amazon and Apple have the ability to succeed but they have gone through lot of failure attempts.1 Amazon is glad to announce that sales of kindle books at their website is increasing with pace with all print titles and they also declared that with the sale of eBooks are more than the other books but they don’t includes the sale of free books, it means they are going fast.

Benefits of E-Recruitment on Human Resource Supply Chain Management

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This paper aims to investigate how benefits of e-recruitment can help Indian healthcare service companies to improve their human resource supply chain management and achieve competitive advantage. Design/methodology– The researcher will use survey method for collecting data from HR managers of Indian healthcare companies and then take help of statistical tools in order to analyze the data.

Organizational Change Plan

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Organizational Change Plan Background of the change situation In the course of planning for change adoption, before the technical, tactical, and practical issues are discussed, it is important to first address the Big Picture (Humphreys, 2005). By big picture is meant the comprehensive strategy that gives rise to the need to change, in order to determine how that change is to be achieved.

Zara Strategy

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UK falls in the category of developed economies. UK takes an active participation in deciding trade policies in NATO or North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. In the wake of the current economic crisis, the UK government has taken some tough measures for the reduction in financial deficit which aroused due to sovereign debt crisis and current economic decision (Lynn, 2010, pp. 93-102). .

Zara case study

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This paper is a report on Zara Fashion Company case study with the focus of providing strategic option and recommendations. The paper begins with introduction of Zara Company in which this case study is based on. Zara company strategic analysis is provided in which the external environment is studied using PESTEL model.

Kuwaiti/Chinese Business Partnership

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Sun and Mr. Wu from the Chinese end. The dilemma arose when Mr. Essa Al-Ghurair’s brother was implicated in a stock market scandal where he was accused of lying to his investors and was facing criminal charges. Due to the criminal involvement implications caused by these charges, Mr.

comparative analysis between two DIFFERENT FIRMS in two different countries

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The paper shows the financial performance of Ford Motor India and Pak Suzuki in the year 2010 and the political, social, legal and ethical issues that both these companies face in their respective operating countries. Comparative Analysis – Ford India and Pak Suzuki Comparative analysis can be performed efficiently by selecting and analyzing the performance of two companies in two different countries.

Global Business

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Growth of the company or sometimes diversification is the main reason for the companies to go for internalization. The other forces that drive internalization of business include employees, ideas and availability of resources. The opportunity of capitalizing the international business is the objective of the organizations.

Supply Chain Management- Zara

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In recent times, many firms are reverting to technology and other sophisticated methods in the supply of products goods and services to the market. Many companies, including Zara, have concentrated on customer interface as a way of increasing customer satisfaction.

Shurgard self storage

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Shurgard also wanted the services of the Self Storage to be similar and close to one another so they could be easily accessed. Easy access and fair pricing is a part of Shurgards business strategy.

Enhancing the Ability to Think Strategically

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The central research problem of the Casey and Goldman’s (2011) article, Enhancing the ability to think strategically: A learning model was on the importance of strategic thinking in enhancing organizational performance. Their article highlights the existence of minimal literature on the development of ability to think strategically among individuals.

Strategic Review based on Zara Case Study

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The macro level analysis describes those external issues which are beyond the control of the company. PESTEL analysis indicates certain risks which may impact on the growth and operational activities of Zara in current and near future. Porter’s five forces analysis indicates several external risks and challenges of moderate to high intensity especially it indicates that a fierce competition will continue in future as well.

Literature Review - Transformational Leadership

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The review of literature proceeds to identify the various ways by which transformational leadership impacts on follower outcomes. Finally, commentary shall be given about the transactional leadership perspective from a practical standpoint. Definition and description of transformational leadership, its strengths and weaknesses The originator of the transformational leadership perspective was James MacGregor Burns, in his book Leadership (1978) which he expounded on the contrasting notions of transactional and transformational leadership.

Characteristics of a Learning Organization

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In addition, organizations that can be said be centers of learning must be able to change their mid sets whenever they find out that they cannot achieve any objective in the present as well as in the future. However, several learning organizations often dispute facts and certain truths.

How can Facebook be good for business: Welcome to a new age of branding.

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Facebook was developed by Mark Zuckerberg, and it is the most popular social network today. This website has over one billion active users as of September 2012. Although Facebook actually intended to improve social relations and connectivity in a cost effective and convenient way, today this website has turned to be a new style of online branding.

Coca Cola Case study

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The global standardization strategy requires that all markets are considered the same and products are sold in each market using the same strategy. A global standardization strategy implies that the same product will be sold to all markets with the same pricing strategy.

ERG international,inc.

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ERG is currently owned by spouses Claude and Sherrie Robbins, who both have been instrumental in steering the company from its meager beginnings as a two-person operating entity, to an organization spanning the areas of energy, natural resources, and the environment.

Internet Privacy --private individual

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The rate of Internet penetration per country has also increased due to lower cost of broadband connections, the number of Internet-enabled mobile devices such as cellular phones, tablets, and iPads, and further improvements in Internet technology in delivering vital content.

A Reflection and Evaluation to Personal and Organizational Business Ethics

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This paper will involve objective points and a few case studies as examples for supporting the main thesis. Much of this will be taken from references that provide the facts of Organizational Development and dealing with the nature of corporate change.

Has state played a leading role in upgrading technologies in the Asia Pacific? Answer with reference to relevant theories and us

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This is owed to the success of the region as a primary global factory in innovations and industry as diverse as footwear, agro-industries, steel, electronics, machine tools, IT-enabled business services, cars, electronics, and software, as well as the supporting role Asia Pacific governments have continued to provide (Acocella, 2005).

PEST Analysis of Starbuck in china

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It is renowned for providing hot as well as cold beverages, pastries as well as snacks. It was founded in the year 1971 and has since then, opened up stores in around 62 stores. It was opened by three students who were inclined to sell high quality coffee beans as well as coffee equipment.

Ethics in ICT

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Rapid technological developments and thereby digital divergence have intensified several ethical, legal, and societal issues in modern business organisations. Sembok (2003) says that Ethics of Information Communication Technology (ICT Ethics) is related to humans’ right to collect information and knowledge. In modern times, majority of the business firms do not maintain ethical values while dealing with their information and communication systems.


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Student Name Professor Name Course Name Date Prospectus For this prospectus, I have selected the third suggested research question, about the greatest crime threat today and the best methods to combat it. My initial thesis is that cyber-crime is the most dangerous type of crime in today's world, due to the saturation of technology, computers, and especially Internet networks in both home and business life.

Multinational enterprises

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Service MNE will establish linkages with suppliers, competitors and other local firms in order to gain competitive advantage.MNE have expanded due to the incentives that exists in other countries, they will expand for the purpose of widening their markets, low labour costs in these countries

Elie Saab: From Haute Couture to Affordable Luxury Market

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The actual product of ES is a line of unique, luxury haute couture and ready-to-wear high-fashion clothing, predominantly evening gowns and wedding gowns, bags, shoes, accessories. The augmented product of ES is exceptional customer service that includes delivery and post-delivery service warranty.

How Can RyanAir maintain its dominance in the European low-cost airline market?

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To understand RyanAir’s dominance in the low cost airline market the research methodology undertaken constitutes both secondary and primary research activities. Secondary research activities undertaken in this respect takes into account several company and government publications and as well as analysis of competitor websites.

Human Resource Report. Recruitment in In Clover Magazine.

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Human Resource Report Executive summary. Ms. Rosie Stansgate is the key investor to the proposed In Clover Magazine. She is ready to invest most of her $4mln to launch the In Clover Magazine, which will focus on the discussion of up-market leadership issues in the context of ethical living.

SWOT analysis for Dixons Retail PLC

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Table of Contents Introduction 2 Methodology 3 Findings & Analysis 4 SWOT Analysis 4 Strengths 4 Weakness 6 Opportunities 7 Threats 8 Conclusion 8 Recommendation 9 References 11 Appendix 13 Annexure 1: Questionnaire 13 Introduction In the age of growing competition, it has become essential for firms to analyze their internal environment.

International Business Strategy: McDonalds in India

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An important theory of management then focuses on how a firm is able to adjust its operational strategies and organizational structures in order to cope up with the environmental changes (, 2012). The environment also varies with different market locations across the globe.

Doing business globally and internationally (ARR)

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5 3. Risk associated with Joint Venture….………………………...... 7 4. Foreign Exchange Rate Movements..…………………………… 9 Part B 5. Challenges in doing business internationally...….......................... 12 References …………………………………………………………..….

Current Business Strategies At Tesco

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The strategy framework is the key to assess any business performance. Estimating the risks and the value tradeoffs provides a method to design concrete proposals, which adds value to the proposal and also reduces the overall risk. The plan of action for implementation requires effective planning. The research uses a methodology of reviewing various sources that have discussed the strategic operations of Tesco. The report will also recommend some strategic measures that Tesco can implement to enhance its position in the industry.

The Behaviour of MNEs and of Global Supply Chains

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A ‘value-added chain’ is defined as ‘the process by which technology is combined with material and labor inputs, and then processed inputs are assembled, marketed and distributed. A single firm may consist of only one link in this process, or it may be extensively vertically integrated…’ (Kogut, 1985, p.

Feasibility Study For Building a Hospital in Saudi Arabia

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The economic analysis shows that to raise capital for establishing the facility, IRF is in no position to raise the capital themselves. Therefore, the most likely sources of capital to all the above scenarios are grants and / or units owned by third parties, such as energy service companies (ie, through the contract or other similar contracts for energy services).

The difference in CSR agenda by Oil and Gas companies analyzing projects in developing countries

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........................................................................................................................ 5 Aims and objectives...............................................................................................................9-10 General literature review .

Leadership in Non Profit Organizations.

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  Leadership in Non Profit Organizations. The researcher contends that non profit organizations are different from the for-profit organization not only in terms of their mission, vision, organizational structure or funding methods, but also in terms of the external environment and threats and challenges that they face.

Human Resource Management Strategy at Omantel

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A Questionnaire on information about Human Resource Management Strategy at Omantel Company has also been included. Some of the challenges that the company faces include the existence of the vertical management structure leading to unidirectional decision making.

Communication of corporate social responsibility (CSR)

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Journal of International Marketing, 19 (2), 30-44. The study highlighted the impact of corporate social responsibility communications on the perceptions of organizations along with their brands among consumers in two distinct cultures.

Value Chain Management Exam Paper - 4 Out Of 8 Mini Case Questions

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Question: Within the context of value chain network theory what is it that Brambles are attempting to achieve? What are the net benefits for Brambles’ customers? The acquisition of CAPS by Bramble represents an attempt by Bramble to move up the value chain by undertaking a company that is engaged in downstream activities.

The "Millenium Dome"

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(Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) The UK project “The Millennium Dome” Project management involves scoping, planning, methodologies, budgets, schedules, risk management and many other factors. Project management is the science of organizing the projects components so that you attain the desired objective, irrespective of the project being the development of a new structure, launch of a new service or product, or a marketing campaign (Bruce & Langdon, 2008:68).

Systems and Operations Management Recommendations

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cess of the organization. Systems and Operations management has a direct connection to the quantitative analytical techniques and application of state-of-art technology that provides the strong business foundations (Heizer, Jay, Render, Barry and Rajashekhar, 2009, pp.
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