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Term Paper example - Kuwaiti/Chinese Business Partnership

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Kuwaiti/Chinese Business Partnership Name University I. Executive Summary This case talks about a proposed business venture between the Chinese conglomerate CITIC and the Kuwaiti conglomerate Al-Ghurair. The deal was being headed by Mr. Essa Al-Ghurair from the Kuwaiti end and by Mr…

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Sun and Mr. Wu were shocked and became a little hesitant to go ahead with the deal. There was too much at stake in this situation; their respective careers, CITIC’s business image in Kuwait and global and political pressures and implications. Mr. Essa Al-Ghurair tried to make amends so that the deal would still go through. He wrote a letter of explanation to CITIC and assured them that he was not personally responsible for his younger brother’s mistakes and neither was his organization. He claimed not to have any knowledge of the situation before it became public and requested CITIC to trust him and not let this incident taint his reputation or that of his organization. Mr. Sun and Mr. Wu were reassured to some degree but still faced some decisional conflict due to the fact that the Al-Ghurair brothers were very close to each other and it seemed unlikely that Mr. Essa Al-Ghurair would not have knowledge of his younger brother’s dealings on the stock market. Due the huge, political and economic implications of this project, Mr. Sun and Mr. Wu did not want to be hasty about the final decision on their side, because they would be to blame if anything went south. ...
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