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Viral marketing

The fundamental issue of viral marketing is natural human behavior. Developing marketing strategies, managers take into account social and personal factors, individual characteristics of a target group and their needs. Whether such carryover from business to society will be effective is another matter. Thus, viral marketing does have a stake in the welfare of this nation and it should accept its responsibilities in society and become more intimately involved with societal concerns (Bryce, 2007). As a result, it is necessary to develop further marketing theory, facts, concepts, models, and ideas that interface with such problems. This is grist for social marketing. Unless marketing develops its social awarenesses and implements social actions that are acceptable, government will be forced to do that which marketing has not been willing to do voluntarily, thereby circumscribing the boundaries of marketing management. Following Dunn and Probstein (2003): "Viral marketing is powerful because it is the antithesis of hard sell or "shout" paid advertising. Hotmail experienced this in the on-line buzz it received when it offered free email. ...
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Human behavior is explained by communication and personal relations between consumers who share their likes and dislikes with each other. It is assumed that a consumer tells two or three people about the services or products he use or buy…
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