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Assignment example - Short and Long-term Financing

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Sainsbury plc is a limited company publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange. Because of the type of company's business, it has access to a great number of financing opportunities as compared to other types of business like sole proprietorship and partnership etc…

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Sainsbury plc uses different types of financing such as borrowing, bank loans, term loans and equity funds to acquire needed cash.
Long term finance is usually paid off after a long period of time such as 10-25 years. On the other hand, short term finance needs to be paid off within a year. Long term finance is acquired to fulfil a company's long-term funding needs whereas short term funds are used to finance company's working capital. Sainsbury relies on short term bank loans, bank overdrafts and short term notes for short term financing, and relies on equity shareholder's funds, medium term notes, finance leases and loan stock for long term financing. The company relies on too much loan capital, which is mostly high interest bearing in the long-term. High payments of interest reduce the company's profits. Also, high loan capital weakens a company's credit worthiness and increases risk in future.
Equity financing carries high cost because it is more risky for investors. However, equity financing can be used to generate huge capital and payment of dividends is not compulsory. On the other hand, debt financing requires fixed payment of interest compulsorily. Businesses cannot rely on one source of finance rather they endeavour to maintain a mix of debt and equity capital. ...
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