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Employers nd Collective Bargaining

Th Europen ocial charter, convention for baic right nd freedom nd th number of work of convention from International 87,98 nd 151 nd 154 are mot importnt. Th traditional model of th ocial relation of public ervice however wa prone to deep chnge during th lat decade. Th tendency wa toward th collective bargain, put in parallel by decentralization by determining th term nd general term of employment, of a legal framework reembling that of th private ector nd th identification of th right of trade union nd th right to trike (Bach, 1999,21)
n importnt matter in ocial relation of public ervice wa th point to which th collective bargain i centralized or decentralized. Th general tendency i the lat year toward decentralization. n importnt argument in favour of decentralization i that it leave more flexibility thn th ytem centralized in term of profeional ituation, regional nd local pecific of job market. (Boaert, 2001,22) while thi cn increae th effectivene nd th effectivene in public ervice, it cn alo lead to fragmentation (Dell 'Arringa, 2001; Farnham nd Horton, 2000). In practice, th collective bargain in public ervice neithr i completely centralized nor i completely decentralized in ny Member State within th EU. Centralization nd decentralization often go hnd in hnd. ...
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In th majority of Europen ue of public ervice of tate nd public ervice th ocial relation are prone traditionally to variou tructure nd legal/intitutional practice that thoe of th private ector. Th civil ervnt in ome countrie do not have th ame right of collective bargain a of th employee of private ector…
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