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Critique review on Kopczak & Johnson

These shifts have guided, and will guide the managers in implementing the initiatives and enablers of the supply chain management, that should be implemented internally and with their partners. Instead of considering the impact of the field in terms of programmes and results, if the impact is considered in terms of business focus executives feel the strategic role of supply chain management in their business. Outsourcing, globalization and business fragmentation has compelled to redefine the supply chain processes which were complex and expensive. The authors stress the need; as the supply chain management conveys the idea that the supply process should be viewed at a multicompany level. With this multicompany nature, the supply chain is not just simply an order fulfilment process but it should be the part and parcel of the product design, introduction, fulfilment and recycling. If considered fully in the business strategy and throughout the product life cycle, the full impact of the supply chain can be achieved. With their research authors found that six major shifts in the business focus are the result of supply chain management. Shifts have redefined the business question, collection, sharing and the dissemination of the information from the management's point of view and the questions were posed from the point of view of the supply chain. ...
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An in-depth study of about ten years, conducted by Kopczak and Johnson(2003) by working with the executives of different companies to examine how the trends have changed with the redefined concepts of supply chain management concepts, mostly focused on information technology…
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