Successful Negotiation for Salary Raise

Case Study
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Linda D Tillman suggests in her philosophy of successful negotiation that "In negotiating assertively, each person should feel that she/he wins. Each person should get some of what he/she wants" (Tillman, 2007).


It's a quiet convincing statement which refers to human nature where most of the times s/he inquires 'what's in it for me'' and is willing to get into details of the situation.

The case presented here is about asking my manager for increasing my salary. It's been almost two years that I have been part of the same organization on the same pay scale; however my job role has changed multiple times, mostly increasing the job responsibilities.
Such duration was viable enough to prove my value as being part of the organization and fight the case.

In the current scenario, I had an upper hand as recently my coworker resigned, leaving his share of job responsibilities upon my shoulder. Earlier I was managing just a single product line but now another one has been added, making my job role tougher claiming double the time and efforts. I was the only resource my boss had left in retail function, having the set of expertise and experience as I had. If at this point in time I leave, my boss would be left with loads to handle all by himself. Hiring another resource was always an option but as per the regressive interviewing process, it would have taken minimum of three months for hiring adding another three months for trainings and blending in of the new resource.

The key here was to present my significance to the organization, specifically to my manager making him believe that I deserve more then what I am getting right now based on my capability of committing to extra amount of work., whereas saving their cost which will be incurred over hiring of the new resource. This did require careful measures, such that I don't look too assertive, giving an impression of over-ambition, nor too timid showing desperation.

I was demanding 40% increase over my current gross salary ...
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