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Marketing Communication High School - Essay Example

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The development and management of customer relationships has, in recent years, become a central focus of marketing research and conceptualization as it has been realized that they are valuable assets of a firm. Businessmen from the advertising industry should take the following key issues into account while planning their marketing communication process.

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Marketing Communication High School

- whatever communication marketing plans are made to direct and control the marketing operation, they must be flexible, as there are many outside factors which can easily affect the plans, e.g. government legislation;
The forth stage is implementation and control of the campaign. Research has shown that over 95 percent of people forget the exact message within six weeks of seeing it. That is why repetition in promotion campaign is so important as the promotion itself (Stone Jacobs 2001).
The main activities for advertising agencies have some peculiarities in contrast to traditional marketing communication. But, still, marketing communication mix is the most powerful tool to reach the wide audience in a short period of time. It will include:
Incentive schemes. These should be tailored to the needs of a retailer's sales staff and may also include competitions, particularly for sales staff. Competitions linked to generating window displays make a good example of use here, with prizes such as holidays being regularly used.
On-line type of promotion. It is featured at the location where many of the final decisions and actual purchases are made. ...
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