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Studying Marketing will allow a student to understand the concepts of product, place, price, and promotion better. Studentshare realizes the importance of this course. That’s why we gathered the top Marketing academic papers scrupulously. Each of the piece uploaded by other students includes valuable information on competition, pricing strategies, critical evaluations, case analysis, different types of marketing tools (SWOT, PEST), row statistics and credible data. Select and download Marketing documents of the high academic quality: essays, case studies, analysis, strategies, researches, outlines, and term papers.

Saudi Dairy & Foodstuff Company

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Executive Summary SADAFCO is a Saudi Arabia Company headquartered in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). It was established in 1976 as a Danish Saudi Dairy Company Ltd. the company majorly deals with production of dairy products particularly white milk and tinned tomato products.

Marketing Research Paper

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The company has plans to lessen the greenhouse gas release in its new vehicles by the year 2020 to 30% in the United States as well as in Europe. At the conference that was held with the religious as well as the institutional investors, the Vice President of Ford Motor Group named Susan Cischke stated that the task of reducing the harmful gas seems to be quite difficult.

STEEP Analysis of Apple Inc

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Socio-economic - Economic prospects of Generation Y are worse than Generation X or baby boomers largely because of the late 2000s recession and current slow economy. Lifestyle – Generation Y are after personal branding through acquisition of cool items / factor.

Consumer Buying Decision

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The social aspect in making buying decisions by Ethel’s consumers is demonstrated by their need to achieve an upward mobility in the society. Thus the consumers at Ethel have a social belief that the chocolate would make them to be associated with the elite.

YouTube Social Media Platform

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YouTube Social Media Platform Introduction With the growing rise in technological advancements, it is quite clear that the modes of communications have equally increased. Indeed this has affected our way of living in different ways positively and negatively.

Groupe Danone’s Strategy

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Groupe Danone’s strategy under Franck Riboud’s leadership is to take advantage of the emerging markets while at the same time optimizing on the local market. This is achieved through mergers and acquisitions in entering new market, either locally or internationally.


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This is because the objectives of the issues involved can have resemblance. Whether large or small, most marketers if not all, always struggle to meet customer requirements and at the same time meeting their own commercial and marketing objectives. The marketing planning process needs the harmonization of open- based decisions at the peak of the commercial level with more closely distinct actions at the bottom.

A Critical Examination of the Digital Marketing Communication Strategies : The Case of ASOS

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There are various relevant trends in global consumer attitudes which are as a result of prevalent digital marketing. First, consumers have reverted to purchasing products online as this is easier. Since most of the products are marketed digitally consumers only have to make orders.

Choose a British company, which you believe has achieved superior performance, as indicated by the competitive position, the fin

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Tesco, the largest competitor, holds over 28 percent of market share in this industry, sustained by considerable brand loyalty in important target markets and a very diverse portfolio of brands and business concepts that contribute to higher revenue growth.

Airbnb SWOT Analysis

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One of the most prominent strengths associated with Air bnb is its business model. It is best described as peer-to-peer collaborative consumption. The technological and advanced platform is instrumental in enhancing trust among various players (Botsman, 2012). It allows for sharing of resources amongst the public.

The core marketing concepts and various elements of marketing process adopted by Apple

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Brassington and Pettitt (2006, 8) argue that a good marketing concept must take into consideration the needs and wants of customers targeted. In this regard, marketing concepts are usually created as creative strategies to the problems pertaining to how to get the goods needed and desired by a given segment of consumers and bought by the group.

The financial evaluation of an organisation using ratio analysis.

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The most widely known and reliable approach of evaluating a firm’s performance is by calculating and comparing its financial ratios. The basic reason for doing so is because this information is understandable for every person who has some level of knowledge of financial concepts.

Contemporary Issues In Marketing

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It is one of the most significant aspects of management which can be regarded as an attempt to ensure that organizations react to the environmental factors in which it operates. Organization change can be implemented in various techniques, such as by altering the mission, strategy, operation, technology, and attitude or behaviour of personnel associated with an organization.


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Table of Contents Introduction 3 Skagen Design: Company Overview 3 Analysis of Internal and External Environments 5 SWOT analysis 5 Strengths and Opportunities 6 Weaknesses and Threats 6 Market Choice for Skagen Design 7 China and Business opportunities 7

Apple inc Market assessment, planning and strategy paper.

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In 1984, the company released the Macintosh, which changed the computing world with its revolutionary graphical user interface. Following the success of these two products in the market, Apple had its IPO in1984 (Siegel & Gibbons, 2009). In 2001, the company changed from being a personal computer manufacturer to a consumer electronics company.

Case Study in B2B Marketing

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The environment of business is supposed to be undergoing a constant alteration which is making it tough for the companies to ensure their respective existence in the industry. This particular scenario is making it necessary for the companies to make alterations in their marketing strategies in order to cater to the varied requirements of the customers and also to acquire fresh customers.

Marketing strategy for Blackmore product in Vietnam market

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This report aims to create the strategic marketing for Blackmore Company in order to expand the business operations in international market as Vietnam regarding to its nutritional product. This paper will be concentrated on some important parts of marketing strategy based on the theory of international marketing.

How can a firm use social media in branding?

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Several organization are using the technique of social media marketing in order to improve the overall branding strategy and fasten the process of growth and development (Chan-Olmsted, 2011). It is important to consider that the social media marketing strategies should be formulated keeping in consideration the other marketing strategies of the organization and the needs and requirements of the target market (Mangold & Faulds, 2009).

Yamaha Business Strategy

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The examination of various businesses is one which can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company while looking at ways in which the corporation can move forward. However, this can’t be completely identified until there is an association with the various units that are provided by the company and the diverse ways in which these grow and are promoted.


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The company which entered the Indian market in 1996 has since evolved within the market with its products and services demonstrating an increasing market share. Nonetheless the company is subject to political, economic, social and technological forces within the Indian business environment which shapes the direction of its growth.

Advertising campaign of an existing product/service on your choice

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Cath Kidston is a UK based fashion brand which caters to the niche female market. The brand carries fashion accessories, bags, home improvement and fabric. The brand is known for distinctive floral designs which give out a fresh image of the brand and mainly attracts housewives, with a high household income.

Analysis of Strategic management and the position of Dialog Axiata PLC - Sri Lanka

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Dialog Axiata PLC is one of the largest telecommunication companies operating in the region of Sri Lanka catering to the needs of a large number of cell phone subscribers. Further to catering to the needs of the mobile market of Sri Lanka the company also renders a large range of other connectivity services in the region.

Report: Advertising campaign of an existing product/service on your choice

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The company is headquartered in United States and has its market operations in different overseas market include various countries in America, Europe and Asia, and parts of Africa. In the past few decades, Apple has had various advertisements and has been famous in running excellent advertising campaigns like that of ‘super bowl’, which was a TV commercial in 1984, the ‘Think Different’ of 1990s and the recent ‘iPod People’ among other adverts.

Marketing plan for the health care organization

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The target markets are the patients of the hospital, particularly the obese, those with diabetes, and the elderly. Communication channels will combine traditional and digital means. They will also focus on attracting the consumers and make them interested in knowing more about healthcare information.

The Contemporary Issues in Marketing

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The scope of marketing as an integral corporate activity has now completely transformed to include relationship based marketing as well. This paper will be focusing on all the aspects as well as issues related to contemporary marketing.
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