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Good Practices in independent consultancy

A good working knowledge of the industry is also critical for the consultant, as well as a proven track record of past successes with previous clients. For this, the consultant must be updated on current trends and forecasts in the industry.
Although this report focuses on my own field of expertise, you will see that the practices and ethics apply to all forms of consultancy and are based upon good human relations, the wherewithal to analyze accurately, expediency and prompt delivery of results. It is also imperative respond to reasonable client contacts promptly.
I was contacted by the owner of CafAntonio, a popular small restaurant in Tor Quay, Devon. Over the phone, he told me that he was very concerned about the amount of increase in his expenditures due to high fuel prices and an increase in dairy prices. He didn't see how he could avoid raising prices and wished to explore other options.
In the initial contact we discussed my skills, background and fees. Upon his verbal agreement to my fee (Caldwell, Mark), I made an appointment to visit the establishment the following afternoon at 14.30.
The site was visited on 13 June 2005 at 14.30. The owner was interviewed about his bookkeeping practices as well as his menu content, staff, and equipment. ...
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The restaurant industry is notorious for high overhead and meeting customers' expectations. With continually fluctuating food prices it is difficult to maintain a good profit margin for a small business in this industry.
Many restaurant owners are not formally trained in business practices, and do not know how to weigh and balance cost versus income…
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