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DVD Duplication and Authoring Business

So obviously I will prefer PC over MAC.
Adobe Photoshop can help a lot to create multi-layered menus for the DVD. The Photoshop CS4 Extended version can make your dreams come true. This edition is specially made for film industry professionals for editing and authoring video and multimedia by creating visual effects and motion graphics. Photoshop had been tested for long by field experts. From the application itself one can get online search engine that provides helps on Photoshop. The price for this software is '684.02.
For DVD authoring and copying, I will prefer Nero 9. It is among the most popular authoring tool and burner other than the burner provided by an Operating System. Some basic templates for DVD authoring is provided by NERO, which can be modified easily to a new looking template. The price of this software is '49.29.
As the burning process needs a space to keep temporary files to be used as buffer, the 1TB memory space would be enough to run large projects like dual layer burning. Now once a project is over and copies of the DVD are made ready for business, it requires keeping the project for future releases. For single layer DVD movie the size of the project is about 4.7 GB and for dual layer it is 8.5 GB. Keeping a 1TB external HDD would keep back up of 210 no's 4.7 DVD and 105 no's of Dual layer Movies. ...
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By the technique of DVD duplication and Authoring compact discs and digital versatile disc movies are converted into DVD quality movies and making it more user friendly by adding a interface to navigate between various movie titles within the disc.
MAC has some inbuilt programs and the hardware in this system is as per company settings…
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