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Assignment example - Research Methods in Management

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Corporate managers find themselves being trained in the skills and competencies of a researcher as well as a leader, giving them insight into staff and process evaluations, as well as giving managers the ability to design research projects, such as into customer or staffs satisfaction…

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Next, methods of analysis of data will be highlighted. Finally a conclusion will synthesize the main points to demonstrate the importance of knowledge of research methods in management.
In experimental research there is the explicit assumption that the universe functions according to causal laws (Creswell, 2003). The purpose of an experimental design is to establish the cause-effect relationship between sets of variables, by way of isolating assumed casual factors, and controlling suspected confounding or extraneous variables. It is hypothesized that an independent variable causes changes in a dependent variable, and that alternate hypotheses can be provided by other factors that are able to influence the results.
The design uses random selection procedures to recruit a sample and randomly allocates participants to two or more groups (i.e., treatment group/s and a control group) (Neely, Gregory & Plats, 2005). Due to these random procedures, experimental methods allow for high external validity (generalization of results to a wider population), as the sample is more likely to be representative of that population.
Alternatively, a quasi-experimental research design does not use random allocation of participants to groups, instead they are self-selecting (e.g., they have cancer or they do not have cancer) (Bryman, 2002). ...
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