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Organizational Learning: Evaluation

Members of learning organizations pass through three different stages; Training, Learning and Development. The training process builds and develops the potential skills and knowledge in the trainee. Consider the popular quotation "Give a person a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a person to fish and you feed him for lifetime". This shows that training has significant affects and you can reap the benefits of training forever in your life. Training basically provides you all the essential information need to perform a job and builds the skills in the trainee. It inspires and motivates the worker by letting him know that how important his job is for the organization. An organization can never achieve its strategic goals until their intellectual assets (employees) perform their tasks in an efficacious way. Training enhances the skills of employees so that they can serve the customers better therefore training plays a vital role in the organizational success. Organizations that have facilitated training have seen numerous advantages; increase job satisfaction and morale, efficiency in processes, increased innovation in strategies and reduced employee turnover. ...
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In today's competitive era, organizations face recurrent changes in their internal and external environment. They need to cope with these changes effectively in order to survive and maintain their business. They can not survive in fierce competition unless they adapt themselves to the changing conditions…
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