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Essay example - Executive Pay

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There has been a bevy of speculation recently regarding executive salaries and compensation in general for corporate officers. One aspect of this scenario that has received a great deal of attention is related to executive pay differences associated with various types of organizations be it privately owned or public…

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While there is diversity across industries, sizes of organizations and countries, executive pay includes the common features of base pay and bonus based on performance.
CEO compensation has become one of the most important issues of concern in the field of corporate governance. With ever increasing economic activity and companies transcending all boundaries, geographic, economic and technological, the person in charge of steering the company has been thrust into focus. Typically, huge compensation packages were a phenomenon of the golden days of dotcom glory. The period of Internet boom may safely be termed the era of exorbitant pay-outs. The Internet made millionaires of people in a matter of days. In the Internet-rush' of the late 1990s, a number of small companies mushroomed redefining the principles of economies of scale and scope. The CEOs (as well as the employees) of dotcoms often burnt the midnight oil trying to float their talents. For their efforts, they were compensated handsomely, when the company took off and reaped rewards.
However, even after the burst of the Internet bubble and the decline of the software industry from its top position on the list of the most happening industries, hu ...
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