Lisa Benton

High school
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Upon reading the case of Lisa Benton, I could not help but feel somewhat upset, because what happened to her is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. Specifics aside, the divergence between our job expectations and the reality is indeed a problem for many people, and especially for those who only start their working experience.


In this regard, the main reason that lead Benton to her problems was that her immediate colleagues, Scoville and Linton, actually made it impossible for her to simultaneously express herself in both respects. Benton, on the other hand, inevitably was comparing her situation at Houseworld with that at Right-Away during her summer internship, and it was hard for her to accept that the harmony between professional progress and relations with people at workplace, which she experienced at Right-Away, may not always exist.
It is interesting to ponder if there was something Benton could do differently in order to had changed her situation. I think that the main negative factor that existed from the very beginning and was inevitable for Lisa, was her assignment to a minor department, the fact that she herself realized and regretted. In this case, ambitions of Linton, seemingly aimed at promoting the significance of Pure & Fresh brand, could be ambivalent - on one hand she aimed for successful performance of her brand, on the other hand she probably was anxious about the recognition of her personal role in this success, moreover that she did not have an MBA. ...
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