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Vendor Management

In the 90s, Vendors management within the main stream of supply chain management (SCM) gained momentum and received due attention from practitioners and researchers. Beaumont & Comer (2003) refers to procurement as the process in which goods and services necessary for a company's operations are obtained from other organisations. The researcher cautions that organisation should be aware of the fact that purchasing usually constitute between 60-70% of the cost structures of companies.
According to David and John (1993P.1), Freight forwarding involves the transfer of goods along cross border, national and international routes, to reach pre-determined destinations (David and John 1993P.1). In other words, Ramsay (2000), argues that It is an intermediary facilitative service between importers and exporters. Freight forwarders take up the responsibility for transfer of goods and utilities between the client and various transport destinations. The transportation of goods, services and utilities between international destinations involves complex legal requirements. A freight forwarding service takes up the duty of meeting all of these legal requirements with relative professional ease.
Gau, Lau & Neo (1999) cited in Beaumont & Comer (2003) stipulated that proc ...
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This chapter starts by presenting a background discussion of the selected topic of this thesis. At the end of this discussion the research question is formulated and the main purpose of this thesis (which are three folds) are established. What this research hopes to contribute and the delimitation's of this study are also discussed
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