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Occupational Health and Safety Report - Essay Example

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As the office manager of The East Coast Secretarial Service, I have noticed a prevalence of incidences of injury that has given employees many hours of leave. Occasionally, victims who are hurt are out of the office for an indefinite amount of time considering the magnitude of the injury and the victim's healing process…

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Occupational Health and Safety Report

This common reoccurrence in this department are heavily expensive in terms of revenue and employees on leave due to workplace injury. I personally think there should be a distinct appropriation sequestered for those types of emergencies. Workplace hazards are an issue within my department in which I must take care of. However, I feel there is lackluster effort on your part in aiding my cause. I pray this composition does not create strife or offend you in any sort but it is my every intention this may be read as a cordial admonishment.
Work place hazard regulations have been drafted and implemented in the past few decades in Australia as well as other industrialized countries. The promulgations of such mandates are the byproduct of horrors and abuses of the industrial age. Thus, to prevent and limit the abuses and mistreatment of huge businesses and corporations for its faulty safety methods and little, if not any, precaution procedures, lawmakers has taken initiatives to protect those unable to stand against employers who usurp their less- fortunate employees. Also, labor unions grew to further protect workers hazards and wrongful dischargement. Such efforts to reform safety measures has transcended through the decades to protect workers from hazards the can affect the health of an employee. ...
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